It’s the SOTG Anniversary Party: Buy my book this week, get entered to win a prize!

This Saturday, the feast of St. Catherine of Siena, marks the three-year anniversary of the release of my book, Something Other Than God! (I said it was the three-year anniversary last year, which was one of the more embarrassing math mistakes I’ve ever made. I got out a calculator this time to confirm that this year is ACTUALLY the three-year mark.) It’s perfect timing to think about all the fun we had with that project, considering that I am spending this week finishing the manuscript for my next book!

I wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate, as well as to thank you all again for the wonderful support this project received. Not only did we have so much fun during the release party (as you’ll see below), but it was a finalist in the Goodreads Reader Choice Awards, alongside books by Hillary Clinton, Rob Lowe, and Robin Roberts!


I wanted to celebrate by doing a giveaway, so here’s the plan:

  • Purchase Something Other Than God any time over the next week (before Sunday, April 30th at 11:59 PM PT)
  • Email me a copy of your receipt showing the purchase date at
  • You’ll automatically be entered to win a Kindle Fire HD 8 Tablet!

You can get your copy anywhere (Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Ignatius Press, or your local bookstore). I will choose a winner and contact them on Monday, May 1.

Thank you again for all the love and support you’ve all shown this project. For those of you who weren’t around back then, here is a wonderful and hilarious trip down memory lane:


This shot of Rosemary holding the book in front of the Taj Mahal basically made my life.


A masterpiece shot by Jenna, who won the Most Epic Selfie contest we hosted.



This is one of my all-time favorite photos. I don’t mean for this contest; I mean since the camera was invented. See Jamie’s blog for details about the shot.



Would getting a tattoo of this image be overkill? What if it wasn’t on my neck, as I imagined it to be, but just on an arm or something? Picture from Instagram by Rakhi McCormick of the Pitter Patter Diaries.



This is a photo from right before a colonoscopy!!!! It was a strong contender for Weirdest Place.



That’s SOTG being read by Becky Castle Miller, while at a bike-pedal-self-powered kiosk at a Brussels train depot while waiting for a train to Paris. Photo from Instagram.



You’ve already seen this one, but I had to post it again. Our friend Fr. Dan Lorimer, reading the book in a military helicopter over Afghanistan.



One word: DWIJA!!!!!



Few things say EPIC SELFIE like a picture next to a rocket at NASA. See more photos in Ann-Marie Ulczynski’s post!



Lauren Sullivan, who is evidently a very brave woman, got this shot at Knowsley Safari park, Liverpool, England!



Not only did Kelly take this shot for the ages, but she took others that are equally amazing, and made a video too. See them all here.



 A beautiful shot from Jeanette, who was reading during her last round of chemotherapy. Please join me in praying for Jeanette!



This and the other shots that Bobbi posted on her blog, Revolution of Love, are MADE OF PRECIOUS.



Ana Hahn shows what happens when you read the book while a gazillion weeks pregnant. (Pregnancy dating based on the estimates I use for my own pregnancies.)



This is part of a hilarious series of photos that demonstrate that Ignatius might want to target the elusive bovine demographic for this title. See all of the shots in this post at Kirsten’s blog.



Casey didn’t want to do a selfie, so look what her talented husband James drew for her! (Now you know why I said I’m going to need dozens of t-shirts.)



Every time I see this photo I start laughing so hard I have to look away so that I can compose myself. Read the story of the “epic epic-selfie fail” at Julia’s blog and you will see why it is one of the most wonderfully hilarious photographs of all time (and SO straight from the pages of my own life). Now I’m laughing and wiping tears out of my eyes because I looked at it again.



Katie Prejean pulls off a miracle and manages to get a group selfie where everyone looks fantastic, and in the process takes one of my favorite pictures ever.

+ + +

Oh my gosh, guys. That was so much fun.


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