My kid lost a toy…and I found a clue

Recently my nine-year-old daughter lost her favorite stuffed animal, a pink dog named Princess.

She carries the beloved toy everywhere — it is seriously like a seventh child in our family (or, maybe more like the 15th or 16th child if you count all the other stuffed animals that we treat like royalty around here). I was pretty sure she left it at a restaurant where Joe took the kids this past weekend, but when I called the restaurant, they said the dog wasn’t in the lost and found.

We happened to stop by our church to drop some things off one morning a few days later, and my daughter stepped into the sanctuary to say a special prayer for the return of Princess. On the way home, she became adamant that we should go back to the restaurant to look, just in case.

I told her that there was no point since I’d already called — and, besides, we Don’t Have Time™. But something nagged at me about it, and I decided that I should take her back to the restaurant. We obviously weren’t going to find the stuffed animal, but I should look at it as an opportunity to spend time with the kids.

As soon as we walked into the waiting area, my daughter ran to a bench against the wall and reached behind it. I could not believe what I was seeing when she pulled her hand up, and in it was the pink stuffed dog.


We celebrated with a round of whipped-cream-topped hot chocolates, which turned in to a great morning of relaxing with the kids.

It was clearly an answer to her prayer, but I have to wonder if the biggest message wasn’t one for me. I could practically hear God whisper, “Making time for your family will always lead to blessings.”

. . .

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