In which my daughter teaches me about perseverance

Lucy explains what to do when an opportunity you really wanted doesn’t work out

In this week’s highlights from my SiriusXM radio show:

  • I was so moved by the story of a Radiohead fan’s selflessness when he finally met the band (and it was a stark contrast to when I acted like a huge stalker when I was on a flight with Bernie Sanders)

  • I shared my thoughts on the show Modern Family introducing a transgender character played by a transgender actor

  • My daughter, Lucy, talked about what she’ll do if she doesn’t get into a choir — and shared a lot of wisdom in the process

  • There’s a sperm donor app that’s like Tinder, and I ask: Why isn’t Tinder considered a sperm donor app?

  • The show’s pop culture correspondent, Leticia Adams, talks about the Kim Kardashian robbery

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When you feel like you don’t fit in with other Christians

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