Translation, please

A family friend is over here to watch the kids while I write blog posts pay bills and do some work on a consulting project. I just heard a lot of commotion coming from the living room, and now she’s yelling about something. Unfortunately, she doesn’t speak English and my Spanish is not what it should be. She’s saying something like, “Dios mío! Jenny, venga! El niño movió la alfombra y se fue un alacrán MUY GRANDE! Es muy grande, Jenny!”

Anybody know what that means? Did she say we won a big prize or something?

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  1. Megan Elizabeth says

    My Spanish is horrible, but she said something along the lines of “Jenny, come. The boy moved [something] and there was[something] very big! It is very big!”

    So, yeah. Probably a nasty scorpion.

  2. megan elizabeth says

    I just punched it into He moved the rug and there was a big scorpion. 🙂

  3. Big Tex says

    She mentioned something about these guys. You’d be wise to brush up on your German. I think they selectively understand English.

    Up here, our problem tends more towards rodents.

    Either way, these guys could probably help.

  4. La gallina says

    For someone who doesn’t understand Spanish, you sure remembered it and wrote it awfully well!:)

  5. Michelle says

    “Dios mío! Jenny, venga! El niño movió la alfombra y se fue un alacrán MUY GRANDE! Es muy grande, Jenny!” — Oh my God Jenny, come here! The boy moved the rug and a very huge scorpion came. It is very big Jenny!

    Sorry, not sure what you really WANTED to hear.

  6. beez says

    She said, “Jenny! You need to keep at the scorpion posts because they cause beez to laugh. GREAT BIG laughs!”

  7. Martin says

    I think it might also mean …. “Oh my God Jenny! Your extermination bill will be a grand! A big grand! Jenny”

  8. Erika S. says

    I have just started visitng your blog and I have to say I laugh and I laugh when I come here. I do not mean to laugh at your scorpion problems but you write so well and witty that it can not be help! Hopefully you will get all those little, I mean BIG, buggers out of there and then be able to write very funny posts about things that are not so yucky! Good luck and have a blessed day.