Name change next week: "Et Tu?" becomes Conversion Diary

July 30, 2008 | 7 comments

I’ve decided to change the name of the site to match the URL, so I will drop the name “Et Tu?” and call this blog Conversion Diary from here on out. The URL will stay the same, I’m only changing what I call it.

This shouldn’t impact readers at all (what could possibly go wrong?) — I mainly mention it so that feed subscribers won’t think that my blog disappeared. Since most feed readers list blogs alphabetically, my feed will show up in a different place on your reader.

Also, if you link to me, you don’t have to update your link. I’ll include a note at the top of the page that says that the site was formerly called “Et Tu?” so that your readers won’t be confused if they click through.


  1. Jeff Miller

    Conversion diary is a good name that never needs to change. There isn’t a day when we are not needing conversion.

  2. SuburbanCorrespondent

    Good idea.

  3. RTS

    I’ve already changed the name.

  4. Tausign

    I’ll never forget the story that inspired the name, ‘Et Tu?’ Because of that story (and title) I often wonder about your friend who felt so betrayed by your conversion. Give us an update sometime.

    P.S. Actually, the ‘betrayal aspect’ of your conversion from worldly ways to the spiritual life spoke volumes. For those who understand that dynamic, the old title ‘Et Tu?’ said something that will be lost in ‘Conversion Diary’

  5. Tienne

    I am a bit sorry you’ll be losing Et Tu? as a title because it was such a meaningfull story. But I will read your blog no matter what it’s called!

  6. Tausign

    Congratulations on your blog’s appearance in this weeks (8/3/08) Our Sunday Visitor. “Et tu?” was listed among 19 blogs on a Catholic guide to the Internet. The web address was listed as

  7. Jennifer F.

    Tausign – how cool! Thanks for letting me know. I actually had an article out in last week’s issue, so I’ll have to be sure to check this one out as well.

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