What’s your defining post?

The other day someone I know eed me to ask what kind of blog I have. Rather than send her my “about me” text or the link to the main URL of my site, I decided to come up with just one post to direct her to that captures the type of writing I do… [Continue Reading]

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 48)

— 1 — For those of you with that “attention to detail” thing I’ve heard so much about, this is the correct volume 48 of 7 Quick Takes. Last week Tami Boesiger pointed out that I skipped 47. — 2 — How was my day on Wednesday? Glad you asked. Allow me to answer you… [Continue Reading]


Occasionally I post updates about the progress of my bo for the amusement of fellow writing nerds. Those of you who don’t care about writing and/or the fact that I’m writing a bo can safely skip this one and move on to something interesting. (Like this blog post by a local man who doesn’t… [Continue Reading]

Undefeatable joy

One of the things I most loed forward to as part of the Christ Renews His Parish retreat the other weekend was simply the opportunity for a leisurely confession. There are always so many people in at our parish’s confessional that the priests have little time for extra spiritual direction. For weeks I’d been… [Continue Reading]

"I want to homeschool, but I’m afraid"

12 common concerns about homeschooling, and a request for advice I get a lot of es that say something along the s of, “I like the idea of homeschooling, but I’m afraid I couldn’t do it.” I can relate to that feeling. The whole idea of homeschooling used to be utterly unappealing and baffling to… [Continue Reading]

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 47)

— 1 — My house is a crazy place these days. Baby Joy is almost six months old and isn’t the sleepy newborn she used to be, and we’ve started potty training my three-year-old daughter, which means that my house is all chaos, all the time. This morning, for example, I was soothing the baby… [Continue Reading]

Asking God for a sign

This post was originally published on August 11, 2006. I was reading author and former atheist John C. Wright’s fascinating conversion story the other day, and something he said brought back an intense memory from this time of year back in 2005. He wrote: A friend of mine asked me what evidence, if any, would… [Continue Reading]

When God locks doors

On Saturday, my long-awaited break finally arrived. Regular readers know that for a couple weeks now I’ve been desperate for some time to get away from it all to recharge my batteries both spiritually and physically, and that my efforts in that department kept falling through. Just when I felt like I was getting close… [Continue Reading]

EWTN / Sacred Heart Radio interview tomorrow

I’ll be chatting with the folks at the SonRise Morning Show tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 8:10 EDT. The interview will air on the EWTN Radio Network and Sacred Heart Radio. You can click either of those links to listen on as well.