Baby news!

For those of you who were wondering why I’ve been unusually quiet on Twitter, or why I’ve been even worse about replying to emails than usual (what? nobody was wondering? anyway…) it’s because I’ve been battling major morning sickness.

Yep, baby #5 is on the way! We’re about 10 weeks along, and he or she is due June 30. For those of you keeping track, we currently have a six-year-old boy, and three girls ages four, three and one. As with all my pregnancies, this one is high-risk, involving daily shots, induced labor, and countless doctor visits (that story here), but we’re really excited!

Hopefully morning sickness (which for me is “all day and night” sickness) will pass before Christmas, and I’ll be able to join normal society again. Until then, I apologize if I’m slow responding to emails, tweets, etc.

Blessed Advent!

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    • says

      Congratulations! I feel creepy saying this, but I thought so too! I guess it’s not a shot in the dark to guess this about a devout Catholic woman, but woooooo! I will have you and baby #5 in my prayers everyday!

  1. says

    Congratulations! What wonderful news! May God bless your pregnancy and keep both of you safe all the way through to birth. You’ll be in the prayers of many!

  2. says

    Congratulations!! I am expecting my 4th on June 16th!!! Thanks to your blog, I reached a level of acceptance for my growing family just in time to find out I was pregnant with this one. So thank you! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  3. lisa says

    congrats!! I was diagnosed with two genetic bleeding disorders AFTER the birth of baby number 5- Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome and Von Willebrands.
    sure explained so much, and in hindsight many Drs say all of those babies were miracles!
    We just had baby number 6 two months ago., and now have 5 boys and a girl.
    I will keep you in my prayers- and looking forward to your visit to our DIocese- Peoria for the Behold COnference!
    I’m a fellow convert and dh works for Diocese here- Marriage and Family Life πŸ™‚

  4. says

    Congratulations! I will pray for a safe and happy pregnancy for you. In other news, I tried the recipe you recommended–the pudding, graham cracker, chocolate frosting one–and all the members of our Catholic book club went crazy for it. So simple, but deadly effective! Thank you!!

  5. says

    This is wonderful news! I will add you to my daily prayers so that you will be feeling better soon and that no complications will arise with this pregnancy.

    Many blessings!

  6. says

    Oh I’m so happy for you and your family. I know this will be a difficult time, but how exciting to be bringing another wonderful little human being into the world. I found that two things helped me with my last little one and morning sickness, SeaBands and Altoid Tangerine Sours hard candy. God Bless!

  7. Ela Nelson says

    Congratulations! Prayers to St. Gerard Majella are being said for all you. πŸ™‚ Hope you feel better soon!

  8. says

    Oh, How wonderful! Praying you will feel better very soon! I have seven and my youngest is 11. I actually miss the stage you are in now. I know it is tough when you feel ill, but *try* to treasure it! It flies by!
    Blessings and Peace,

  9. says

    Blessings! Morning sickness is the worst – but as you know, this too shall pass. My daughter has been sick as a dog with all 6 children but the prize at the end is worth it all. May you be blessed with a healthy, perfect baby.

  10. says

    Heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS, Jenn! I am so thrilled for you all. I genuinely had been wondering about the quietness here, and so this explains so much.

    Sending prayers that you are feeling much better VERY soon!

  11. says

    Oh my goodness! I’m so giddy with excitement! Wow. I had to start this post over twice. Congratulations! I will be praying for your high-risk pregnancy daily.

  12. Paula Kittle says

    Congratulations Jennifer! I have five also. Mine are 12, 8, 4, 3 and 20 months. You’d think I’d have it pretty easy with the 12 and 8 year olds being in the mix, but they are less help than you think. ; ) Having the last three so close together has totally kicked my rear end, so I understand what it’s like! I homeschool my two eldest (I remember you blogged about starting homeschooling full time with your son) and it can be challenging when you’re not well and have little ones to look after too, I will be praying for you!

  13. says

    Congratulations Jennifer!! Wonderful news. may God protect you and your newest little miracle throughout this pregnancy!

  14. Elizabeth M says

    Congratulations on the newest blessing for your family. Prayers too for a healthy and uneventful pregnancy. Your living faith is a wonderful inspiration.

  15. L a u r a says

    Congratulations on your wee one on the inside!! You’ll be in our prayers for a healthy pregnancy, safe delivery…and that you return to feeling human again soon. What an additionally hope-filled Advent for your family!

  16. Kathryn says

    that’s awesome! congradulations to you and your family! I will pray for your health and that of the baby’s.

  17. says

    I will say a prayer that God FLOODS your heart with peace during your pregnancy. It’s very exciting news.

    I had a suspicion after reading your recent post about the possibility of having more kids – it was a great post too. I’m sure God’s been preparing your heart for this pregnancy, which could otherwise be totally alarming, how wonderful he is!

  18. Maria says

    Congratulations! So happy to hear this news! Be assured of my prayers for you all. May God bless you and your family abundantly!

  19. says

    Congratulations! Morning sickness and beginning to homeschool all at the same time! I will keep you in my prayers πŸ™‚

  20. Katie says

    Congrats! What wonderful news! I will keep you in prayer for a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery. We are due with #4 right around that time and our oldest just turned 4.

  21. Jennifer G. says

    CONGRATULATIONS!! We’ll keep you in our prayers! At least you have a nice opportunity to offer up your suffering, right?! πŸ™‚

  22. says

    Congratulations, Jen! I’ll definitely keep you in my prayers. I’m due on tax day with my 2nd (a girl this time!) and recently finished battling morning sickness for the first time.

  23. Christine says


    So hard now. Hang in there.

    I had mine close together and now my oldest is almost 15! It does get easier and a lot of fun when they are bigger.

    Then I had my no. 5 baby at the age of 42. The kids love love love her.

    ALL babies are blessings at any time and any age.

    Just hope you feel bette soon.

    And take it easy. Do not stress out so much about this or that. Enjoy your babies.

  24. says

    Congratulations!! Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy! (By the way, with my last pregnancy, I drank tons of Gatorade and that helped keep me out of the ER during the first trimester – first pregnancy I haven’t needed IV fluids!)

  25. Amy says

    I’m leaving lurkdom to rejoice with you in this wonderful news! Our families look very similar (our five are 7,5,4,2,4mos). Thanks for blogging – so often I get caught up in trying to be a good mom that I forget to be a good a daughter of God too. Your writing reminds me that I have to cultivate that relationship as well. You have a lot on your plate right now with morning sickness along with high risk care along with homeschooling along with taking care of you family and writing a bit. You will sincerely be in my prayers.

  26. Roxane B. Salonen says

    Yay, Jennifer! Welcome to the Club of 5! So happy to hear your news. I have to admit, now that I have no children in diapers, I feel envious. Yes, that’s right. I envy you. In a good way, though. I’m really very, very happy for you. God bless!

  27. says

    CONGRATULATIONS, JEN!!! I’m so excited for you and I’ll pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery. I had to do induced labor with my first, and I know it is TOUGH! You are a champion! Love and prayers, Bethany

  28. Theresa says

    Congratulations, Jennifer!
    I am an RN and the mom of 14 children (three in heaven and 11 living on earth). I assisted homebirth nurses and a group of homebirth physicians at home births for seven years. Most of my pregnancies I suffered with ‘all day’ sickness. It wasn’t ‘fun’, but it helped to know that it was only temporary! Our beautiful bunch of children are now ages 33 down to age 9. I would like to share something with you that I wish I had known about many years ago. Our family has found something which has truly a blessing and gift of Mercy from The Lord. If I had known about it years ago, perhaps I wouldn’t have had to go through the ‘all day sickness’, nor would two of our children have been born prematurely (one 7 weeks early, and one 6 weeks early). Let me know if you would like more information. Advent blessings to you and your family!

  29. Tami says

    Congratulations! It actually crossed my mind recently wondering about a #5 for your family. Our #5 is due March 2011.

  30. ~ Nona says

    Wonderful news!

    Just today I found a baby photo of my father. He was the youngest of…13. Thank God my grandparents had him!

    Sometimes I look at my youngest sister, the youngest of 12, and I’m amazed: She’s the 12th of a 13th.

    Parents’s generosity is a wonderful, wonderful gift — the only gift that is eternal.

    ~ Nona

  31. says

    Jen, first, congratulations. Second, re the morning sickness, I sympathize. With my first three children, I was sick 24/7 for a full nine months. In fact, I was unaware of much of the pain of labor because I spent so much time vomiting during labor, with doctors shaking their heads, saying “this was supposed to be over six months ago.” Yeah, supposed to! I was given a raft of medicines; none worked or even helped, but one might have caused my daughter Noelle’s birth defects. All the vomiting also led to a weight loss during pregnancy (I lost 25 pounds during my first pregnancy), which, of course, worried doctors no end and meant that my babies were born emaciated. Then, with my fourth, I happened to eat rye bread one morning, and, amazingly, I kept it down. In fact, I kept everything else down for a while that day. So, the next day I tried another slice. Same wonderful response. I mentioned this odd but terrific reaction to rye bread to an older, country friend, who responded, “Of course! It has carroway seeds.” Apparently, country women where she grew up (Poland) used carroway to control nausea routinely in the absence of access to modern medicine. Carroway seeds can also be purchased separately from rye bread, and I did that, too, although I mostly just ate a slice of rye bread at every meal. In this way, I was able to keep my morning/all-day sickness at bay for the remainder of the pregnancy and did not vomit during labor. I even gained a little way. If you are still suffering from morning sickness, I recommend that you try it. I cannot promise that it will be the panacea for you that it was for me, but, heck, it’s worth a try.

  32. C Dyan says

    Awesome news! πŸ™‚ I’m jealous, too – but in a good way! Being single, I still don’t know what my vocation would be, but if I would become a wife and mother, I want to receive that gift of motherhood as joyfully and faithfully as you do! πŸ™‚

  33. says

    Congratulations, Jen! Also, with my youngest sister, my mom had really bad morning sickness, and someone suggested ginger, and it helped a lot. I also use it myself for motion sickness. There are pills or you can chew on the root or on candied ginger, drink ginger ale, etc. Best wishes to you and your family!

  34. Trish Yandell says

    Many,many congratulations. This is the most prayed about baby EVER. May God keep you and your little one safe. It is so beautiful to follow your life of faith with all its ups and downs.

  35. Lisa V. says

    Congratulations! Don’t know how you handle morning sickness along with four little ones. Well I do know as a mom myself… you just do. Hope after you’re out of the first trimester the morning sickness goes goodbye.

  36. says

    Congratulations Jen and family!

    I am due (with our third) on the EXACT same day! πŸ™‚ I’d say something about “great minds” but I don’t think it’d be quite appropriate for the subject . . . Ha! πŸ™‚ And, I too, am battling morning sickness day and night (the last two I haven’t been sick, so this is new to me! Ugh.:)

    You and your family will be in my prayers, Jen! Have a happy and healthy nine months!


  37. says

    I’m sure you don’t feel inspirational while barfing, but your generosity is truly inspiring. God bless your family and get you through this difficult time!

  38. says

    I’ve already said it; but one can never say congratulations enough o so joyful an announcement. So Congratulations again! We’re praying for you and your little one.

  39. Adell Neulander says

    Congratulations!!!! Take care of yourself and I will keep you and all women in high risks pregnancies in my daily prayers.God bless you and your husband for being open to more children. BTW I am seeing more and more larger families in an array of different churches and out an about, which is absolutely wonderful. Maybe this is a trend?

  40. Smoochagator says

    Oh, Jennifer, that is wonderful! Congratulations, I am so happy for your family πŸ˜€

  41. says

    Congrtatulations! This is the first pregnancy I haven’t spent the first 2 trimester’s next to the toilet, so I feel your pain! Hope you are feeling better soon. πŸ™‚

  42. says

    Oh Jennifer! Congratulations! God’s richest blessings on you.

    (And if you’re anything like me, you have permission to come back and read this when the morning sickness subsides. Until I get through that first trimester, I can’t truly be excited. People would say, “Oh that’s so wonderful!” And I would blurg “Eh.”)

  43. Susan says

    Congratulations! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy, delivery and baby! Oh, and a Merry Christmas too!

  44. Kate J says

    Bless your heart… I know what it’s like to care for little ones thru morning sickness… I hope you will be done with the worst of it soon. Prayers headed your way for a safe, happy, healthy pregnancy!

  45. says

    LOTS LOTS LOTS of prayers coming your way! My last 2 were also lots-of-shots-and-drugs-babies …not easy, but you know it is worth it- and of course, your husband has to be in awe of your strength πŸ™‚

  46. Mary says

    I thought so!!! : )

    Morning sickness aside… I love being pregnant in Advent. You and your family will be in our prayers during this blessed time! Congratulations!!!

  47. Karen says

    Oh, congratulations! I am just now 11 weeks along with #4 (I have boys, aged 10, 5 and 4), due on June 27th, and am so excited that one of my favorite bloggers is sharing my due date month! If that sounds creepy, I apologize.

    Also, congratulations on homeschooling. We have been homeschooling from the beginning with our oldest, and really enjoy it.

  48. Denise says

    Oh, congratulations to you and your family! May the Lord relieve you of the challenges and shower you abundantly with the blessings!

  49. Abigail B says

    Congrats on the blessing! That is wonderful you are pregnant again. I think you need to round this family out with another boy.

  50. says

    Praise God for you openness to life and your courage in following His plan!
    May you be abundantly blessed and may your whole family treasure every moment of your pregnancy, even the difficult ones.

  51. Nina says

    I am so, so, so profoundly excited for you. You stand for and are living HOPE in a world of fear and cynicism. I will be praying for you and your blessed family. Thank you for shining your light to the world, Jennifer. Your story (past, and continuing!) is such an important one!

  52. Diane says

    Again, congratulations. I will pray for you and your precious baby.
    St. Gerard, pray for this beautiful woman and her unborn baby. Keep them safe, and help her to deliver her gift from God safely.

    • Diane says

      I forgot to add that my first child, now 34 years old is my miracle baby. I had placenta praevia (spelling?). The doctor never told me. When my water broke, I was actually hemoraging, (spelling again?). I had an emergency C-section. The doctor told me later that he never expected me to have that baby. Before the surgery, he told my husband he couldn’t guarantee that either one of us would survive. God had other plans. Not only do I have that son, but I have a daughter and another son, and 2 beautiful grandsons. God has His plans!!

  53. Mary says

    Wonderful news! Congratulations! My second is due in April, and it’s the pits hahaha. Not the baby – just the pregnancy. :/

    I’ll pray for St. Gerard’s intercession for a healthy pregnancy and baby!

  54. says

    Congratulations and prayers on the way! I, too, had “all day and night” sickness right around Christmastime last year. The only thing that worked for me was lime Jell-O, though I’m sure you’ve got it figured out by now. Blessings and peace in this Advent season!

  55. Melissa AtLee says

    Congratulations Jennifer! What wonderful news as we celebrate the Advent Season. Many many blessings to you and your growing family!!

  56. Catherine says

    I am so very happy for you and your family! May our good God continue to bless you and keep you safe and well. You will be in my prayers

  57. Barb says

    Congratulations! I’m saying a prayer that you’ll feel better soon and that all will go well. God bless!!

  58. Josephenne Kealey says

    Woman, you are insane.

    I say this, of course, with a huge smile on my face.

    You and and your husband are incredible.

    And what’s kinda irritating in an a most affectionate way, you make me realize I’m gonna be one of “those moms” with lots of kids, too. And that’s ok.

    Isn’t it crazy just saying that, coming to terms with that? I sometimes say to myself, “Are we really doing this, my husband and I? Another one?! Now? Isn’t this supposed to be too hard?”

    It’s BLOODY hard, but I love it.

    God spoil you and your family.

  59. Lana says

    Congrats and I am a little envious too. My dh just told me he doesn’t really want any more. You are blessed!

  60. says

    Congratulations!!!!! (That’s one exclamation point for each child.) Kids are great. Kids are so great! I’m so excited for you! I’ll pray for a healthy pregnancy for you and for Baby 5, and that everything goes smoothly. God is so good!

  61. LeAnn says

    Congratulations! Wonderful news! I’m expecting our 4th mid-May. Will pray all goes well for you and your baby.

  62. eileen says

    Congratulations Jennifer! Prayers for a quick recovery from morning sickness… You are a true witness to God’s grace. May He continue to bless you and your family.

  63. Rochelle says

    Congrats!!! We’re due July 11th with our second, and we’ll keep you in our prayers! St. Gerard and St. Gianna are wonderful saints to ask for prayers during pregnancy. Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  64. Jay says

    Congratulations!! I have four little ones close to your children’s ages. We’ll be praying for you and for a safe and happy pregnancy!!!

  65. says

    This is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited for you!!! Blessings on your family!!! Praying our Lady wraps her mantle of protection over you and the baby throughout this pregnancy!

  66. says

    Congratulations! Perhaps you’re already aware of this morning sickness remedy, but it was news to me when I got the queasies for the 1st time with baby #3…Unisom. It’s actually an over-the-counter sleep aid, but for whatever reason, a 1/2 dose taken before bed got rid of the nausea the next day just the way many a pregnant woman claimed it would. It was approved by my doctor and it’s made me a whole new woman! I’ll keep you in my prayers!

  67. Erin Kelly says

    Congrats! Perhaps you might be blessed with a little Peter or Paul on their feast day of June 29 (also just happens to be my bday too). I’ve always felt great connection to these two pillars of the Church. I just found out (like this morning) that I’m expecting baby #4, which throws me into a quite a whirlwind of ‘what are we going to do??!” No car for 6, a house with one bathroom . . . . so it always inspires me to hear the words of your journey.

    Thanks, and again, congratulations and God bless.

  68. says

    We are pregnant with #5 as well–and due June 23rd! Our oldest is 7, then 5, 3, and 2!

    And, I too am sick, sick, sick. All the time. Thankfully, about every 3rd day is a good day. Then I do a marathon of laundry and house cleaning.

    Don’t worry too much about needing to ease up on homeschooling. There are many seasons in family life. You may need to rest now, but the second trimester is coming!

    Peace to you!

  69. AgnesRegina says

    CONGRATULATIONS on the Future Baby! Hope all goes well and that you have a wonderful Advent and Christmas.

  70. says

    Congratulations! My oldest was a little over six when number 5 was born. So I now have a 7 yr girl, 5 yr old boy/girl twins, 3 yr boy, and 8 mo. boy. I rarely have time to comment, but I had to say, you are not alone! It can be grueling but oh, so rewarding! I’ll pray for a safe pregnancy and delivery.

  71. Jill says

    Congrats! As a mother of 5 (ages 2-10), people ask all the time, “How do you do it?!”. My answer is simply, “God and a helpful husband”. It’s crazy and wonderful at the same time. Godspeed for a healthy pregnancy and delivery!

  72. says

    Just think of the beautiful family reunions you will have in 25 years when they’re all grown up, have spouses & kids of their own! Congrats & prayers for you and your family!