Please hum the theme to the Rocky training montage as you read this

It’s crunch time. I’ve asked Hallie Lord to guest host 7 Quick Takes Friday for February 3,   February 10, and  February 17 so that I can make a huge final push on the book.

Some folks have asked if there is an email list they can get on to receive an update when I’m back to regular blogging, which is a polite way of saying “It’s really not worth the mental energy it would take to keep up with the intricacies of your writing schedule.” The answer is yes! Sort of! You can sign up to receive my blog’s content by email whenever I write a new post. It’s free, there’s no spam, and you can promptly unsubscribe in disgust if I ever turn this into a Justin Bieber fan blog:

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Meanwhile, I have realized that the possibility of hitting this deadline is only barely within the realm of what is humanly possible. So if you want to know what the next three weeks will be like for me, just imagine the training montage from Rocky. It is going to be EXACTLY like that, only without physical activity, interacting with other people, or leaving the house. (Although I may punch some slabs of meat at some point.)

I feel weird asking for prayers, as if no one has anything better to pray for than my word count goals. But if you find yourself scraping the bottom of the barrel of your prayer intentions, getting to the point that you’re requesting God’s intervention with Facebook load times and the plot of Downton Abbey, it would be great if you could throw in a good word for my little project.

I’ll be back on February 21. See you then!

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  1. says

    if I ever turn this into a Justin Beiber fan blog…

    Not likely, as you’ve misspelled the Bieb’s last name! Or was that a subtle indicator of how far off you are from worshipping His Hairy-ness?

  2. says

    You can do it!! I know it was a self imposed deadline, but aren’t those the best ones to meet? And if punching some meat along the way will help, just put your hand in a plastic bag first so the clean up takes less time and you can get back to typing. Prayers heading your way. Well, God’s way, on your behalf.

  3. says

    When you gave up Downton Abbey, I knew you meant business. Your good example inspired me to commit to getting up at 5 a.m. each day to revise my book. So, this bleary-eyed creature owes you one:)

  4. Tiffani says

    I’ve been there, and with a million small children screaming in the background:) You’ll surprise yourself:) You are in my prayers!

  5. Tara Sz. says

    Of COURSE we will pray for you. It’s not about your word counts, it’s about your mission from God, which makes your word counts worthy of prayer. Keep that sword sharp!

  6. Diana Hayden says

    We will definitely be praying for you. Will be eagerly waiting for 21st February.

    Best wishes.


  7. Athena says

    I know that this is just a simple challenge to you in attaining your great success, I will wait for your next spot. Good Bless!

  8. says

    I have not been over here in ages as I have had a hard time keeping up with reading blogs while balancing commitments and goals in my own family/life. But, I am glad I popped in today so I could read that your book is coming together and that you seek prayers for your final Rocky push. You CAN do it and I will be praying for you! Whenever I read here, I enjoy what you have to say and I found you an inspiring speaker at the F&F conference in the Boston area, too. Your story is important and inspiring. May your gaols be reached! Blessings and prayers

  9. Cynthia says

    I’ve been on a self-imposed hiatus to spend more time doing school, quilting, and reading. This post is a short attempt to “catch up” since winter break when I not only lost a library book (which was found at the farm under the sofa), but my pink Ipod I bought myself after my first (and so far only) 1/2 marathon. Since then I have joined a local quilt group and finished a bed quilt, a quilt challenge, and several blocks for charity. I’m signed up for a machine quilting class …

  10. says

    The pathe to any goal is usually accompanied by several obstacles on the way. It it how we perceive these obstacles and act on them that determine our success.

  11. says

    Obstacles are steps on a ladder all we have to is to overcome the space between the steps to get to the next level of to get to the top of the ladder. Good srticle.

  12. says

    Good day! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against
    hackers? I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on.

    Any recommendations?