An Advent song for you

A huge thanks to the folks who found that song for me. If you didn’t catch my post asking about it, I was trying to find a choral piece I heard sung at an Advent Mass in 2010. I had no idea what it was called or even what any of the words were, yet it clearly spoke truths about preparing for the Lord and the real meaning of Christmas. To my great delight, I now know that it is Thomas Tallis’ O Sacrum Convivium. You can hear it here:

The words are in Latin, originally written by Thomas Aquinas. The scholar and Doctor of the Church writes an ode to the Eucharist in which he says:

O sacred banquet!
in which Christ is received,
the memory of his Passion is renewed,
the mind is filled with grace,
and a pledge of future glory to us is given.

I love it even more now that I know what it says.

Thanks again to everyone who helped identify it.

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