Merry Christmas!

Whether for you this is a holiday of laughter and happiness, or a day when it’s about all you can do to keep halfway on top of the chaos, or a time of bittersweet memories of loved ones not present, I sincerely wish you a wonderful Christmas.

I leave you with a delightful story our deacon told during his homily on Sunday, which he heard on Relevant Radio:

* * *

A parish was putting on a children’s Christmas play, and there was one child whom the directors were concerned about casting. He wasn’t exactly known to be the master thespian of the group, and they worried about how much he’d be able to handle. They decided to have him be the innkeeper, who would only have the simple task of stepping on stage to announce that the inn was full.

The day of the play arrived, and when the little Mary and Joseph arrived at the cardboard inn, everyone held their breath as they waited for the boy to deliver his lines. Finally he emerged from the prop, and said, just as he was supposed to, “I’m sorry, there is no room!” Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and Mary and Joseph moved on to the manger side of the stage.

Just after they left, there was a rumbling from within the inn, and suddenly the little innkeeper burst forth, shouting, “Wait! Wait! Come back, there is room!”

When the confused couple turned around, he explained: “You can have my room.”

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  1. Antonio Cruces says

    It is a very beautiful story, dear friend. Thank you very much for your continued witness of faith and life for us all. God bless and Merry Christmas also to you and your family.

  2. says

    A very happy Christmas to you and all your family. Thank you for sharing with others and myself your faith journey. It has been a great find for me in recent weeks and a sign of hope. Thanks again to you and Joe. God Bless.

  3. says

    I love this story…have heard it before from my own pastor. It always reminds me that Jesus said we should become like children…

  4. says

    There’s a story my mother in law tells from a pageant in NY in the 1950s. The kid playing the inn keeper has a similar pause and starts feeling guilty. So he answers Joseph, “I’m sorry, we don’t have any room at the inn,but why don’t you at least stop in for a drink!”

    Merry Christmas..

  5. emily says

    Jennifer & fam-Merry Christmas!

    Wondering if the 2nd Minor Revisions episode will be online to watch as well? Thanks!!!

  6. Sparki says

    I seriously <3 your dad. After seeing the first episode of "Minor Revisions", I think the teacher should have known better than to grumble to him about anything that tied one of his own to celestial events.

    Also, I seriously <3 your husband, but only a platonic way, I promise.

  7. says

    If you have a play in which the cast members are young children, how can you expect the play to go off perfectly? Never mind the star, children are variables.