Indeed, mama knows

It’s been too long since we’ve talked about an undiscovered gem. Let me remedy that by telling you about a new favorite corner of the internet, a blog called Mama Knows, Honeychild.

I have this habit of throwing blogs onto my Feedly account very quickly. I see something that looks good, click that little plus sign to subscribe to it, and move on. The result is that sometimes I’ll be scrolling through new content, and I’ll stumble across a post from a site I’m not even familiar with, and I’ll be like, “WHAT IS THIS AWESOMENESS AND HOW DID IT GET ON MY FEED READER?!?!?” That’s what happened with Mama Knows.

Mama Knows, Honeychild, is a blog by a woman named Heather who, by the looks of it, has a life about as crazy as mine. And, luckily for us, she chronicles it all on her blog, complete with hand-drawn pictures. When I came across her post about power-walking with weights that look like bananas, I knew that this was my kind of woman.


Like me, she fantasizes about installing escalators in her house, but not just for the stairs — escalators for the flat surfaces too, like they have in airports! I’d never thought to dream that big. (The point of that post was to encourage people to make the world a better place through joy and kindness…but my takeaway was “I DO need an escalator in my house!“)

When she describes her family’s morning routine, it’s as if I’m reading about my own life:

Luckily, my children enjoy doing things like arguing over who just looked at them first and playing Wild Tiger Family or Let’s Be Puppies Who Can Bark, Whimper And Speak The English Language from the moment they wake up, so that my feeble mind is continually rattled throughout the morning. I sip my coffee and pray random prayers like “Why God?” and “Please Jesus just help me now” until my mind finally awakens from it’s slumber.

Heather decided to get things under control by changing everything about her life at once when she still had a newborn, which makes perfect sense to me, but, oddly, led to middle-of-the-night panic attacks. The lesson she ultimately learned about being more gentle with herself made me wonder how one post could be both so funny and so inspiring.

She is a woman of prayer…and often finds that praying with her children goes something like this:

“MaryLou, who would you like to pray for tonight?”
“Ummm…I wanna pray for….you know that little girl who lives down the street?”
Mom: (so proud of her thoughtful child) Yes?
MaryLou: The one with the blonde hair? You know her, mom?
Mom: Yes I do sweetie. Would you like to pray for her?
Marylou: Yeah she has a really cute doll I like, it closes its eyes and pees its diaper and I wanna doll like that doll. I wanna pray that I get her doll.
Mom: oh. kay. Johnny, what would you like to pray for?
Johnny: I saw a cricket today.
Mom: Johnny? Who are we praying for?
Johnny: I ate it.


(And I see that they do the same version of the Rosary at their house that we do in ours:ย “Holy Mary, Mother of SOHELPMEGOD you better keep your HANDS to YOURSELF and stop touching your brother’s EYEBALL.”)

Her blog is a wealth of information, including homeschool lessons about dead bats, complete with true-to-life drawings. She offers practical tips, such as this one for having an evening routine for your family:

It helps when you can mentally prepare yourself by saying the St. Michael the Archangel prayer, doing some jumping jacks while chomping on some good quality gum and reminding yourself that, yo… you are going into battle. You are a soldier. Soldiers must be prepared.

She also achieved the holy grail of mommyblogging when she wrote a post that combined insights about severe morning sickness with Downton Abbey references. (She got her own servant call bell, people. She SERIOUSLY HAD A BELL.)


So, telling you about this blog is my little gift to you to start the week. If you’re a parent, you’ll laugh and cry and say “Oh my gosh this is my life!” If you’re not a parent, you’ll just laugh. Either way, I’m confident that Mama Knows will be one of your new favorite reads.

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  1. says

    Seeing how just these excerpts almost made me pee my pants and I don’t have pregnancy as an excuse (TMI?) I’m going to have to add this to my overactive reader! Thanks for sharing! I love the St. Michael prayer with the jumping jacks. Add in a couple espressos and I am totally using that! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. says

    Thank you for sharing her blog–one post and I already know I’m going to need to read more! I’ll add her to the many other wonderful mommy blogs I’m privileged to read ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Kelly says

    Oh my gosh, I remember the first time I ever was on her blog(can’t remember what led me to it) but it was in March when she blogged on 5 things about herself that most people don’t know….and Robert Pervich was revealed in I think number 4 or 5! If you haven’t read that one you have to check it out! I was laughing for an hour until I cried!! She’s great, real, down to earth!

  4. lindsay murray says

    Thank for sharing this blog, if its half as good as yours, I will love it. That nightly rosary rendition is exactly the same as ours. Our kids also love to go into great detail discussing the mysteries. This week while discussing the mystery of the resurrection, my four year old cut me off and said, “and then they opened the tomb and found a box of blood and split it up and gave it to people.” I just decided to assume that he had somehow linked it to the Eucharist and just be proud of my son, the theologian. Also, they pronounce “annunciation” as “a-nazi-ation”, I think I will focus on that issue during their catechesis lesson tomorrow. Thanks for the laugh and for being the wonderful woman that you are ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. kelli says

    I haven’t laughed out loud and peed my pants in a long time! Thank you for passing this Monday-gem-o-gram along!

  6. Claire says

    So SHE was the one laughing at the Steubenville retreat in MA. I know what tent she was in. and as an adult chaperone I was thanking God that I was in the other tent. (the girls were a bit quieter in the tent I was in.) I think I know the woman with the bull horn too. LOL!!! Thank you for leading us to her blog. I know I will enjoy reading everything she writes.

  7. says

    Thank you for making me laugh right before i have to face the bath/bed routine, today was starting to feel a little grim.

  8. Monica Benninghoff says

    Gotta sign up for the feed. Laughed and cried, and yes, peed my pants. Still giggling. Not sure how I’m going to get to sleep tonight with the image of the morning sickness bell … that could’ve been me 33 years ago! The hubby’s eyebrows are what’s keeping me in giggles. ๐Ÿ™‚ How the heck do you EVER get any housework or parenting done with all the blog reading you do? I’d have to do several loads of wash daily just to keep myself in dry underwear! (Or wear Depends!)

  9. Peg says

    Thanks! Best humor ever. Helps me not to take myself so seriously (and my Catholic self, too:):))

  10. says

    Isn’t she hilarious?! I found her a few months ago and love to check her blog for a good laugh. Especially on the “how-am-I-going-to-get-through-this-day-with-all-these-kids??” days ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. says

    I get to know her in real life too! She is actually that funny, down to earth, and amazing in real life, actually more. Thanks Jen for sharing her with a wider audience. Her blog will be a blessing to so many.

  12. Aimee says

    A priest friend shared this with me via email this morning. I was laughing so hard I was crying. Good to know others pray the rosary as we do and my kids aren’t the only ones who struggle coming up with good prayer intentions! I am now following both your blogs!

  13. says

    I am so mad at you for this. I have spent way too much time on her site and then started thinking “I should totally illustrate my blog!” And then I laughed and laughed and laughed, because I don’t even edit!

  14. Stefanie says

    I am a regular reader but not a regular commenter, but I couldn’t resist this time. I just cried laughing at her post about praying with kids and the little picture of the “Rosary for the feminine soul.” and then the caption underneath. gah. I am gasping for breath. Thank you for sharing!!

    p.s. your blog is excellent as well

  15. says

    She’s pretty dang funny all right.
    The shark/bear story is hysterical too.

    YOu are the 2nd person I know who recommended her.