When you feel like you don’t fit in with other Christians

September 7, 2016 | On the Radio | 1 comment

In this week’s highlights from my SiriusXM radio show:

  • I’m traumatized after the dental hygienist interrogates me about flossing

  • Trump kicks a baby out of his rally, and I have thoughts

  • I speculate about the possible Catholic roots behind the Harry Potter craze

  • Leticia Adams and I talk about how we sometimes feel like we don’t fit in in Christian circles,  why most Catholic women’s events drive us crazy

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1 Comment

  1. Mary

    Just a thought on why Catholic women’s events drive me crazy: the agendas for many of them have absolutely NOTHING that’s not related to babies, pregnancy, or parenthood. I don’t have any kids and never will, so this is like a big neon sign that says “you don’t belong here.” I realize that I’m a small minority, but I really wish that the folks who organize these things remembered that motherhood is not in God’s plan for everybody’s life.

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