My favorite book ever. EVER.

Joe's birthday is tomorrow,  and this is his gift (wrapped in paper decorated by the kids).

Wow. Posting on weekends is hard. But my yeoman work to get one final post up for the 7 for 7 challenge is well worth it, because I’m going to tell you about a bo that you’re going to cherish forever. I have not yet mentioned this bo on the blog, nor in social media, because… [Continue Reading]

We have a publisher!

My bookshelf

One thousand eight hundred and twenty days ago, I started writing my bo, a memoir about going from atheism to belief. After three complete, from-a-blank-page rewrites; countless feedback sessions from Joe and my agent and brilliant fellow writers, each of which left me wondering whether I should perhaps just give up on the written word… [Continue Reading]

140-character book reviews


I’m working on some bo revisions this week and next, which means that I’ll be too caught up in the throes of ecstatic joy to be able to write much here other than Quick Takes. I will have such rock-solid confidence in the the usefulness of these efforts — I shall find myself so immersed… [Continue Reading]

Trust School


I’m reading the astoundingly good bo God’s Smuggler, which is the memoir of a Dutch Protestant missionary who smuggled Bibles behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. At its core, the bo is all about trusting God. On almost every page there is some example of how God comes through when we place 100%… [Continue Reading]

Recommended reading for Lent

Ash Wednesday is just around the corner (March 9), so I wanted to share my suggestions for great Lenten reads, and get your suggestions as well. Also, based on some es I’ve been getting with questions about Lent, I wanted to say: If you’re considering observing Lent but aren’t familiar with it, I strongly encourage… [Continue Reading]