Britney Spears syndrome

I was in at a convenience store yesterday and the employees had their radio blasting, playing one of those overproduced, hypersexualized songs (you know, the ones with the heavy techno beats and women gasping and singing in a high-pitched, coquettish voices). It was pretty grating, so in an attempt to drown it out I… [Continue Reading]

On discussing parenting philosophies

I was talking with a good friend the other day, a fellow convert to Catholicism from atheism, who is expecting her fourth baby in five years. We were talking about how wonderfully crazy it is that our lives are where they are, how neither of us would have ever guessed that we’d be where we… [Continue Reading]

Friday Favorites for July 20

What great stuff! Twelve of the best things I read this week: 101 Quick Meals: If I had created my own list of super simple recipes for last-minute meals, it would have been like, “Open box of Cheerios. Stick hand in. Stuff Cheerios into mouth.” Luckily, nobody asked me to do that, and instead the… [Continue Reading]