When God locks doors

On Saturday, my long-awaited break finally arrived. Regular readers know that for a couple weeks now I’ve been desperate for some time to get away from it all to recharge my batteries both spiritually and physically, and that my efforts in that department kept falling through. Just when I felt like I was getting close… [Continue Reading]

The liturgical year

I walked into the church for vigil Mass this weekend to see the Advent wreath at the front of the sanctuary. Seeing the four thick glass cylinders with one pink and three purple candles, the priest in his penitential purple robes, the low light in the church from the early winter sunset outside, I had… [Continue Reading]

There is water here

As I mentioned, our church is doing 24 hours of Adoration for people who want to pray before the election. After my husband and I put the kids to bed yesterday I wanted nothing to go collapse into bed myself, but instead I grabbed my purse and headed out into the night to go… [Continue Reading]

The Adoration List

One of the things I’ve realized in my ongoing quest for peace in daily life is that I tend to worry and second-guess myself a lot, especially when things are overwhelming. I frequently have all sorts of “am I doing this wrong?” or “would it be better for the kids if I did XYZ like… [Continue Reading]

Celebrating Advent

As I mentioned, at the beginning of this month I found myself scrambling to celebrate Advent…which was especially challenging since I had no idea what Advent was (luckily my kind readers helped me out). I had to turn the page over on my already huge to-do list to now add “Get Advent wreath!”, then after… [Continue Reading]

Scrambling to celebrate Advent

As I walked into our beautiful church yesterday, I heard glorious music waft through the building, noticed a ly purple candle burning near the altar, and saw our priest in a rich purple robe. And in a moment of saint-like spiritual maturity, I thought: “OH CRAP, IT’S ADVENT!” In typical fashion, I really wanted to… [Continue Reading]

A first confession, part I

Last night I made my first confession. For those of you who are interested, here was my experience (complete with pictures of our church that I to a few months ago): I tried to go on Tuesday night but by the time I got there they’d closed the since 500 people had already shown… [Continue Reading]