Birth story haikus

I am limited to one-hand typing while holding the new baby, so how about if you all do all the work for this post? How about this: Let’s do birth story haikus! I hearing birth stories, but they’re always so long — I don’t think I’ve ever been able to capture one of mine… [Continue Reading]

Yaya meets St. Anthony

My mother-in-law, Yaya, is Baptist. Well, currently she attends Joel Osteen’s church, but the official denomination that she would claim to be a part of (and in which she raised my husband) is the Southern Baptist church. Friends sometimes ask if there’s been any tension between us and Yaya since my husband and I converted… [Continue Reading]

A day in the life of a Scorpionator

Some people have asked if there was any one last straw that led to my sudden internet fast a couple of weeks ago. Others have asked for details about the nature of my hysterical tweets from the afternoon of Friday, October 2nd. In this post I shall address both inquiries. The afternoon of Friday the… [Continue Reading]

I went out to buy a skirt.

by Simcha Fisher Simcha writes at Aleteia and is the author of The Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning. She also wrote the foreword to Jennifer’s collection of humor essays, Like Living Among Scorpions.   Some women speak of “retail therapy” — shopping to lift one’s mood, or to reward or compensate oneself for some… [Continue Reading]