Big news for our family!


Those of you who have followed our family’s story over the years, or who read my bo Like Living Among Scorpions, are familiar with Yaya. Yaya who crushes wasps in her fist. Yaya who once brought an oversized Easter Bunny to the house and expected the kids not to touch it. Yaya who sends the… [Continue Reading]

Yaya meets St. Anthony

My mother-in-law, Yaya, is Baptist. Well, currently she attends Joel Osteen’s church, but the official denomination that she would claim to be a part of (and in which she raised my husband) is the Southern Baptist church. Friends sometimes ask if there’s been any tension between us and Yaya since my husband and I converted… [Continue Reading]

Best of Yaya

By popular demand, I’ve put together a “Best of Quick Takes about Yaya” post collecting all the times I’ve referenced my mother-in-law in 7 Quick Takes. December 5, 2008 Matlock has become a verb in our family, specifically when used in the phrase “getting Matlocked.” When Yaya is in town, one of the activities that… [Continue Reading]

Yaya’s hurricane preparedness tips

When I called Yaya on Friday to ask if she’d prepared for hurricane Ike, which was headed right for her Houston-area home, she announced, “I sure did! I bought six bottles of wine and a bag of turkey wings.” It was with colorful language that she noted from a patchy cell phone connection this morning… [Continue Reading]

Stories from Yaya’s house

I’m packing up to head down to Houston this afternoon to spend the weekend at my mother-in-law’s house. Yes, that would be Yaya. Imagine me taking slow, deep breaths as I type this in an effort to remain calm and not start freaking out about the 436, 841 things that could possibly go wrong. Since… [Continue Reading]

Being stung by scorpions in bed: some people are bothered by this idea, others are not, and never the twain shall meet


Yaya and I had another go-round about scorpions today (although this time, thankfully, we were talking about theoretical scorpions and not actual scorpions that were being shaken in cups in front of my face). It all started when I explained to her that that it keeps me up at night to ponder the following data:… [Continue Reading]

Listening for the answer

Last month my mother-in-law had a little spiritual crisis. I’ve mentioned before that she has always had a solid, common-sense understanding of God and Christianity. But a series of events last month led to a sort of dark night of the soul. Her real estate business had been slow for a while, and a run… [Continue Reading]


A couple Fridays ago my husband and I snuck out for a much-needed date night at our favorite hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant. When I walked into the restaurant, where the owner and his assistant craft every meal from scratch, I actually got shaky: I’d had such a crazy day that I didn’t get a chance to… [Continue Reading]

A scorpion. In a cup. In my kitchen.

My mother-in-law is in town for the weekend. This morning I walked downstairs to see the children dressed smartly, the table set with our nice china, and my mother-in-law serving up a ly Eggs Florentine dish with the aroma of buttery homemade croissants wafting all through the house. Kidding, kidding! It’s not that kind of… [Continue Reading]