Observations from the Walk for Life


I’m excited to report that I was able to make it to the West Coast Walk for Life while I was in San Francisco this weekend. I came really close to confining myself to the comfort of my hotel, but I’m so glad I went. Some pictures and observations: I’ve never seen so many people… [Continue Reading]

A Life Beyond Reason


I had another post all ready to go for today, but I’m going to bump it because I just read something that so moved me that I had to share it with you. Go read this stunning article called A Life Beyond Reason, in which Professor Chris Gabbard recounts how his severely disabled son made… [Continue Reading]

The most powerful woman in the world

This is my new friend, Sister Joeine Darrington, whom I met during the couple of days we stayed with the Benedictine Sisters: She came over and sat with us during our meals with the sisters, and it was so much fun to chat with her. She’s 96 years old and has been a Benedictine Sister… [Continue Reading]

Fear of life

I keep thinking about Mei Fong’s heartbreaking article in the Wall Street Journal from a few weeks ago about Chinese parents who lost children in the Sichuan earthquake. One part in particular has stuck in my mind, filling me with sadness whenever I think about it: [Zhu Jianming] and his wife Lu Shuhua, 45, had… [Continue Reading]

A day at the Texas March for Life

Friday night I told my husband I probably wasn’t going to go to the Texas March for Life with him the next day. My husband, who also used to be staunchly pro-choice, really wanted to go, but I had a million things to do and it was going to be cold. I said a little… [Continue Reading]

Abortion and Holocaust comparisons

This is a Part II to my post from last Wednesday. (*) = link contains photo or video of an abortion or its results. A little over a year ago, shortly after I converted to the pro-life position from being rabidly pro-choice, I started to come across pro-life writing in which abortion was compared to… [Continue Reading]

How would you know?


This picture haunts me: It’s just one of many pictures from a photo album full of pictures of the staff at Auschwitz rela and having a great time, sometimes with their children, during on-site retreats. I originally posted it as part of my post about “good people” and “bad people, ” but I’ve thought about… [Continue Reading]

Why I was a pro-choice vegetarian

Sometimes my pro-life friends express bewilderment at how someone could advocate for animal rights — going so far as to become a vegetarian — while having no problem with killing unborn humans. That viewpoint used to make perfect sense to me. And while I certainly don’t agree with it now, I find it to be… [Continue Reading]