NYC, let’s do this!

I just got word that Ignatius is sending me to the Big Apple for a bo tour stop! I’ll be in New York City the week of June 2nd, including visiting some of the surrounding areas like Connecticut. We have a few events nailed down, which I’ll post about soon, but there’s room in the schedule… [Continue Reading]

Contest winners!…will be announced next week

Standing at the back of the room with an overtired baby at an end-of-year ceremony. But on the plus side,  I got to hang out with our pastor,  Fr. Dean!

Hi, everyone! I just wanted to pop in to say that the Something Other than God release party has now wrapped up, and I will post winners on Monday, May 26th. I was hoping to be able to select the winners sooner, but it’s going to take a while to taste all the drinks, meditate on… [Continue Reading]

Holy Week

I know I said I’d put up the form for us to talk about fabulous things to do in NYC and DC this week, but I’m going to hold off until next week. Things are about to get crazy — in a good and very fun way — and it feels right to spend most… [Continue Reading]

7 posts, 7 days

Starting Monday, it’s on! A new post every day from Monday, February 24 to Sunday, March 2. And if you have a blog, you should join me. Here’s why: Your readers want to hear from you. Don’t you it when you see new posts from your favorite s? Personally, I would rather them throw… [Continue Reading]

Aw, what the heck


Let’s do it again. Monday, February 24 – Sunday, March 2. A post every day. The linky list goes up this Saturday. This’ll be fun!

Edel Gathering ticket sale time!

Edel Gathering

We have an official start time for ticket sales for the E Gathering! Assuming that I understand how Eventbrite calculates time zones, tickets for the 2014 E Gathering will go on sale at 10:00 AM Eastern (9 AM Central) this Wednesday, February 12. –> Here is the link for the page to buy tickets. A… [Continue Reading]

Did someone say something about a conference?

Oh, that’s right. I did. When I said that Hallie and I are hosting one this summer. Contrary to how it may seem since neither of us have mentioned it recently, we haven’t forgotten about it or blocked it out of our minds as a sanity-preservation technique. We’ve actually been doing a lot of work… [Continue Reading]

7 Quick Takes Friday, Thanksgiving slackin’ edition


Yesterday was everything Thanksgiving should be. We spent the day with our parents and my 99-year-old grandfather, and enjoyed an amazing feast that was neither prepared nor cleaned up by me. We talked and sipped wine with football on the television and a fire pit crackling outside, and the kids ate their weight in pie…. [Continue Reading]