Your patron saint for 2015!


It’s that time of year again! I spent hours this weekend adding wonderful new saints to the list and updating the code, so the Saint’s Name Generator is cleaned up and ready to go. Click here to get your patron saint for 2015! One of my favorite New Year’s traditions is reading hearing about… [Continue Reading]

The power of a meal, shared with friends


At the beginning of this year, my friend Rachael had the simple but brilliant idea to start having regular dinner parties. She called it the Dinner Club for Underachievers, and she set the rules to be simple enough that even families in crazy seasons of life could participate. The rules are: Couples take turn hosting the… [Continue Reading]

Edel tickets go on sale today!


I am thrilled to announce that tickets for the 2015 E Gathering go on sale this morning, Wednesday 11/18, at 11:00 AM ET! Here is the link to purchase tickets to E ’15! SELFIES When you get your ticket, you can out this PDF for all your egregious #e15 selfie needs. (Checking out all of… [Continue Reading]

Edel 2015: Let’s do this!


As I have traveled all over the country this year for my bo tour, one of the most frequent questions I’ve gotten is: “What is up with that E Gathering thing?” People who heard about the event from friends of friends wanted to understand what was so different about this gathering, and I always struggled… [Continue Reading]

Washington DC, see you this week!

The big week is finally here! I’m doing my longest speaking/bo tour trip yet, and going on my first-ever trip to DC in the process. If you’re in the area, I’d to see you at one or of the events! WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 7:30 PM Pau Bos & Media 1025 King Street Alexandria,… [Continue Reading]

Save the date: EDEL 2015!


When Hallie and I started the E Gathering, we thought it might be a one-time thing. Actually, if I’m completely honest, we sometimes wondered if it might be a nonexistent thing when we pondered the sheer amount of work it would take to pull together a multi-day event for over 200 people. There were quite… [Continue Reading]