Hi! Thanks for your interest in contacting me. I have created a few different email addresses so that I can get to your request as quickly as possible. Also, if you’d like to say hi in person, you can see my list of upcoming speaking engagements here.

If you’re dropping me a note to ask a question or say hello, please use:

If you’re inquiring about having me speak at your event, please contact:

Jesse Ray with the Catholic Speakers Association at or 630-517-3502

If you are from the media and would like to get in touch about an interview, please use:

Or, if you’d like to drop me a line the old fashioned way, here is my mailing address:

1411 West Ave. #200
Austin, TX 78701

I’ll do my best to respond! However, to my great frustration, I usually cannot reply to every email or letter I receive (read this post and you’ll understand why). I do read everything, though, and I look forward to hearing from you!