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Jennifer Fulwiler

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I have a radio show called The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on SiriusXM channel 129. I am not expecting to win any awards for Most Creative Name for a Radio Show.

I wrote a memoir about my spiritual conversion called Something Other than God, which was a finalist in the Goodreads Reader Choice Awards in the Memoir category. (Thanks, Goodreads readers!)

– I am writing a new book with Zondervan which is due out in April 2018. It is tentatively titled One Beautiful Dream, and it’s the story of following my personal passions while still putting my family first.


– I grew up atheist, and had a crazy religious awakening thing happen that involved me converting to Catholicism in 2007. My blog was originally called Conversion Diary, as it has always been a place for me to share my adventures and mishaps with religion.

My husband, Joe, was raised by a single mother and grew up poor. He ended up going to Yale, then getting a law degree from Columbia, and an MBA from Stanford. He studied artificial intelligence in the Computer Science graduate program while he was at Stanford, and recently became a CPA. Sometimes he dresses up like a banana.

Joe and I on Minor Revisions

Joe and I on Minor Revisions

Joe converted to Catholicism at the same time I did (all the details about that in Something Other than God).

We had our own reality show,  Minor Revisions. There’s a possibility of a second season, and I told them I’m all in if it’s called Minor Revisions: The Fulwilers in Tahiti.

– Joe and I met when we both worked at a high tech company. I was a PHP developer who designed web interfaces to work with databases. I’ve rarely encountered an activity that’s more of a natural fit for me than sitting in front of my computer and writing code for 16 hours at a time.

We live in Austin.

I’m a sixth-generation Texan. Which makes it even weirder that I can’t deal with hot temperatures and am bothered by the fact that my house is overrun with scorpions.

My love language is being left alone in silent rooms.

We have six kids under age 12.

– We live in a three-bedroom house. Yeah. All eight of us.

With my friend, Sister Elizabeth Ann, one of the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist (I'm the one in the pink shirt).

Me with Sister Elizabeth Ann, one of the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist (I’m the one in the pink shirt).

Our oldest and youngest are boys, and we have four very wild and girly girls in the middle. The first time we visited a monastery with our oldest, he thought it was the most amazing thing he’d ever seen that there’s a place where you can hang out with only other dudes in silence.

Joe and I are both only children. Isn’t it crazy that our kids won’t have any cousins? Sometimes it makes me sad that I’ll never be an aunt.

– I homeschool the kids. God gave me absolutely none of the gifts and talents one would need to be an effective homeschool teacher, so that’s always an adventure.

I have a blood clotting disorder that’s exacerbated by pregnancy, which was all fun and games until somebody got bilateral pulmonary embolisms.

I’ve appeared on the TV shows Fox and Friends, Huffington Post Live, The Journey Home, Life on the Rock, and The Choices We Face, which taught me that it is extremely important to have a professional blow-out if you’re going to be anywhere near television camera lights.

I’m an INTP. If you’re not familiar with Myers-Briggs personality types, let me put it this way: I once saw a sci-fi movie about a man who was a brain in a jar, and I thought, “What a great life.”

Me with Br. Guy Consolmagno, the Vatican's astronomer

Hanging out with Br. Guy Consolmagno, the Pope’s astronomer

My favorite genres of music are Gregorian chant and gangsta rap. I also never heard a dance remix I didn’t like, which is kind of tragic since a friend once described my dancing as “Gumby on quaaludes.”

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