A horror movie about something truly terrifying: your cell battery dying just as the witching hour begins

I had way too much fun on my SiriusXM radio show today. I defended the honor of the 1980s masterpiece of primetime, Small Wonder, sang the worst rendition of the Facts of Life theme that has ever been recorded, and — best of all — created a trailer for a movie that needs to exist.

My producer, Jackie, and the assistant program director, Adam, worked together to create a trailer for a horror movie based on one of the most blood-chilling moment in any parent’s life: when the 5 PM witching hour is about to begin, and you see this:


So terrifying!!!

You can hear the trailer they created at about 4 min 30 sec in to today’s “best of” podcast from the show. We called our horror movie Twenty Percent:


(Here is the direct link if you can’t see the player.)


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