The Gaffigan Interview

Welcome to my new site! I just finished up working with the fabulous Craig Berry from DigiCentral to freshen up the ‘ol blog, make it mobile-responsive, and switch the domain to name instead of As a web design nerd who is also a blogging nerd, I had waaaaay too much fun with this process.

To celebrate the new site, I want to share something I’ve been saving for a special occasion:

I recently interviewed my friend Jeannie Gaffigan on my radio show. (“Friend” meaning “she’s been on my show a couple of times and didn’t seem to hate it.” That basically makes us BFFs, right?) I wanted to talk to her about her work the hilarious new Jim Gaffigan Show, which premiers on TVLand on July 15, and I wanted to ask for details about how she and Jim balance everything.


Image from Jeannie’s Instagram account — go follow her at @JeannieGaffigan!

I knew from interviewing her before that the interview would be good, but I was caught off guard by just how wonderfully it turned out.

Jeannie shared a struggle that her family faced, and I was so choked up that I had a hard time getting to the next question. She spoke candidly about how that struggle was the catalyst that made her and Jim put God and family first. We also talked about:

  • The moment the chaos felt so overwhelming that the Gaffigans said, “we can’t do this.”
  • How Jeannie and Jim collaborate on creative projects.
  • The spiritual challenges that come with the work that she and Jim do.
  • Her connection to the Sisters of Life.
  • How she makes it all work as a mother of five young children.

Normally I release the “best of” podcast from my radio show within a day of it airing live on the air, but I held off on to this one. I didn’t have time to do a proper write-up explaining how much this talk meant to me, and something told me to save it for a special occasion.

To celebrate the launch of my new website, as well as the launch of the Gaffigan’s new TV Show, here is the audio of my interview with Jeannie Gaffigan:

(Can’t see the player? Click here to listen.)

Thanks again to Jeannie for taking the time to chat with me! And be sure to check out the Jim Gaffigan Show on TVLand, which premiers on July 15!

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