Looking for guest suggestions for my new show!

I cannot believe that I have fewer than seven days until I start my daily radio show! As I sketch out my plans for the first couple of weeks, one of my favorite parts is thinking about guests.

I want the Jennifer Fulwiler Show to be known for having excellent guests — and not just people who are already big names. I hope my show will be an opportunity to shine a light on fresh, new voices as well as people who are already known. This is where I’d love to get your help:

I want your guest suggestions for my radio show! If you have an idea of someone who would be a great interviewee, please fill out this form and let me know!


Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • This does not have to be someone you know, nor does it have to be someone famous. You can suggest anyone from Stephen Colbert to your nextdoor neighbor who started a soup kitchen out of her garage.
  • I’m looking for people with unique perspectives.
  • I’m looking for people who are energetic and engaging conversationalists.
  • Since my show is on the Catholic Channel, I look at everything through a Catholic lens. However, I do not require that all of my guests be Catholic themselves. If they have something to say that will add value to my listeners’ lives, I want to hear from them.
  • Shameless self promotion welcome. If you’re doing something interesting and want to suggest yourself as a guest, go for it!

If you’d like to hear excerpts of past shows to get a feel for the types of interviews I do, you can listen to selected segments of my show here! (And if you’d like to subscribe to the free podcast, you can download the free app called Podcruncher and search for my name there.)

Thanks for helping me get the Jennifer Fulwiler Show off to a great start. I can’t wait to hear your suggestions!

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