A very special chat with EWTN’s Marcus Grodi, and a new Journey Home episode!

I’m so excited to announce that I’m going to be on the TV show The Journey Home on EWTN tonight, Monday 3/14, at 8 PM ET! If you don’t have cable you watch it online at this live streaming link.

Jennifer Fulwiler and Marcus Grodi

Also, while I was out to tape the episode, I interviewed Journey Home host Marcus Grodi for my radio show. I knew it would be a good talk, but I had no idea what a powerful, intimate conversation it would be. It is truly one of my all-time favorite interviews. If you only listen to one audio clip from my radio show, make it this one.

We discussed:

  • Why going deep in the sciences should enrich our faith (an especially interesting conversation given Marcus’ background as a plastics engineer and his work on the human genome project).
  • Why studying the genetics of the eye led Marcus to rediscover God.
  • The moment when Marcus, as a young man, was up to no good, and God caught him completely off guard and changed his life.

I released it on my radio show’s free podcast so that everyone can hear it.

You can take a listen here (or pull up the audio in your favorite podcast player — just search for my name). The Marcus interview starts 30 minutes in:

(If you have trouble with the player above you can find the audio at this link as well.)

It was an honor to be part of such special conversations — both my Journey Home interview and Marcus’ interview on my show. I hope you enjoy both as much as I did!


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