You know you’re having a bad day when your show falls apart just as Dave Ramsey and Christy Wright walk through the door

Gather ‘round internet, for I have a tale of woe for you that is like something from Homer, if Homer wrote about people whose problems revolved around live radio and bad internet connections.

So this afternoon I had an exciting second hour lined up for my show: My friend Lisa-Jo Baker would be on to talk about her great new book, Never Unfriended. Then, right after that, Dave Ramsey and Christy Wright would come by the New York studios to talk about the insights from Christy’s book, Business Boutique.

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We had promoted this hour heavily. I had talked up the “hour of power” we had going on this afternoon. Dave told his followers to tune in. I had a long page of notes for questions to ask Dave and Christy, because the topic of her book — how women can think outside the box to bring in income doing work they love — is one that I am passionate about.

At almost the exact moment Dave and Christy walked in the studio, my connection dropped. I do the show from an office in Austin, Texas, but I connect to a studio at the SiriusXM headquarters in NYC, which is where the broadcasting happens.


This is my “I’m sorry our interview was a flaming disaster” face

When my internet connection drops, the show goes off the air.

I wasn’t too worried. This has happened once or twice before, and it’s always just a matter of reconnecting. My producer played a few informational interstitials while I waited for the connection to come back up.

And waited.

And waited.

I packed up all my equipment and sprinted into a different office, where I had heard the internet might be working, but it was down there, too.

The manager of the building ran up and explained that an extremely unlikely, unforeseen issue had come up that took out both the main internet and the backup service — something that had never happened in this building before. For the first time since I started doing this radio show in 2014, I was down with no way to reconnect. Which was just amazing timing since I HAD DAVE RAMSEY AND CHRISTY WRIGHT SITTING IN A STUDIO AND WAITING TO TALK TO ME.

My producer scrambled to put a “best of” show on the air for the rest of the hour, and I kept busy staring at a wall in helpless despair.

And then a thought came to me. Inspired by the “pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps,” “you-go-girl” message of Christy’s book, I realized that I could have them call me on my cell phone and I could record the call.

I had nine minutes until they had to leave for their next interview, and had left both the book and my laptop with all my notes in the other office where I’d been trying to get the internet to work. With nothing but my cell phone and a recorder, I did the big Wright / Ramsey interview (literally having to ask Christy to pass the phone to Dave to get his answers).

The sound quality is terrible. We didn’t have as much time as I wanted. But the insights they shared were powerful — so much so that it made me wonder if it was more than coincidence that it almost didn’t happen at all.

You can take a listen below, and get your copy of Business Boutique here.

(Click here if you don’t see the player)

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