Come to New York and Philly with me!

On Sunday evening I get on a plane to go to New York to cover the Pope’s visit as part of my radio show! First I’ll be broadcasting from the SiriusXM studios in Manhattan, and then I’ll head over to Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families weekend events.

This is a huge trip and I’m ridiculously excited about it, and I’d love for you to come with me!

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Best of all, you can be a part of the Great Fulwiler Luggage Debate of 2015. To understand the enormity of a showdown that looms on the horizon, let me explain the two tremendous forces that are at work here:

SITUATION #1: My husband, Joe, is enamored with the idea of luggage-free travel. When we all went to Houston for one of my speaking engagements last week, Joe took only what you see in this picture:


He has spent weeks collecting clothes that can go from business to casual. He brought one such outfit, and then put a few basic supplies like toothbrush and phone charger in his coat pocket. All of his clothes can be washed in hotel sinks or laundry rooms, which he would do frequently, and any miscellaneous toiletries could be picked up at the hotel. The pants even unzip to become shorts.

The joy that luggage-free travel brings Joe is immense. He is giddy with excitement to try out his carefully-crafted system again when he joins me in New York for part of my papal coverage trip. This brings me to situation #2…

SITUATION #2: I am going to Philadelphia at the tail end of this trip, and will fly home directly from there. Most of my time will be spent in New York. Because of the craziness that is expected in Philly, I want to travel light when I’m there.

However, I have no intentions of traveling light for the first part of my trip. When it comes to NYC packing, I’m the anti-Joe. I’ve been thinking about these outfits for months, and I plan to bring my entire closet to the city so I have plenty of options while I’m there.

But how, then, will I get the bulk of my clothes home if I don’t want to take them to Philly?…

I don’t want to ship them since that’s difficult and expensive…hmm…

If only there were someone who was flying back to Austin on the very same day that I leave for Philly…

You see now where the forces collide.

Joe is returning to Austin at the very same time I leave for Philly. I am going to have a large, heavy suitcase that I want to get home. He will have a free set of hands since he’ll have no luggage himself.

Will Jen prevail in ruining Joe’s luggage-free lifestyle and convince him to haul an overstuffed, extra-large suitcase through Manhattan at rush hour?

Will Joe convince Jen to ship her junk home so that he can glide through the end of his trip in luggage-free bliss?

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See you next week!

P.S. Since I know at least one person was wondering how this is going to work with six kids, the answer is: some are coming with us, and we’ve spent weeks assembling a team of family and other helpers to do housesitting / babysitting stuff.

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