Give someone a subscription to listen to me on the radio, and I will hand-write a welcome note for them!

I have a ridiculous amount of fun on my radio show every day. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who’d like to join me by tuning in live, get them a subscription to SiriusXM and I will:

  • Send them a hand-written note addressed to them personally
  • Enter YOU to win a $50 Amazon gift card!

Subscriptions start at $10.99/month, and the first 10 entries I receive will be mailed by Friday the 18th so my note should arrive for Christmas! Here are the details:

Hopefully SiriusXM won't fire/sue me for thisBehold: the worst Photoshop that has ever happened. The worst.

Let me start by saying this is not a corporate promotion, and I get no compensation for bringing new listeners to SiriusXM (although if someone over there wants to buy me a Relaxman as a thank-you present, I’m not opposed to it). I’m doing this because I truly love doing my radio show, and I want more of my friends from the online world to tune in so I can connect with them in real-time.

So here’s the deal:


The Jennifer Fulwiler Show is live on SiriusXM Channel 129 every weekday from 2 – 4 PM ET. The topics are mostly ridiculous, sometimes serious, and I interview some really awesome guests. A few examples from my free excerpts podcast:

My free podcast contains less than 10% of show material. With a SiriusXM subscription you can listen live — and interact with me by calls or social medial in real-time! — and hear full episodes on-demand on the app.


Trying (and failing) to make a shoe of Jesus punching a shark, live on the air

At this point you are either thinking “my Christmas gift to my loved ones will be to keep them far away from this terrible radio show, ” or “oh, man, I know someone who could really relate to this content.”

If it’s the latter, you should get them a subscription to SiriusXM so they can join me!

  • Most cars are satellite radio equipped, so you can get a subscription that simply activates SiriusXM in their car.
  • If your loved one isn’t in the car often, SiriusXM also has a highly rated app where you can listen live, or hear full episodes of my show archived on-demand, from your smartphone.
  • Packages start at $10.99/month. Most packages include my channel, The Catholic Channel, 129.


1. Gift a subscription to SiriusXM. You can:

2. Then fill out this form with your loved one’s name and address and I’ll send him or her a hand-written note addressed

You’re all set! A few details:

  • Offer ends at 11:59 PM ET on Christmas Eve.
  • While supplies last — at some point I may need to cut off the thank-you note offer if I receive more than I can process.
  • I will take down the form when I’ve reached capacity. If you can fill out the form, your loved one will definitely get a note.
  • You do not have to show a receipt at the time you fill out the form but we may spot check them.
  • I will try to get the notes out quickly. If I get delayed because my life is insane, I will guarantee they’ll all be mailed by January 15.
  • When you fill out the form, you will be entered to win a $50 gift card from Amazon! I’ll contact one winner by email by December 31.

The first ten requests I receive I will mail by Friday the 18th, so the note will arrive by Christmas! (I’ll try to get others out by Christmas as well but can make no guarantees.)

I’m so excited about sending these notes! Let’s get started!


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