Trust School


I’m reading the astoundingly good bo God’s Smuggler, which is the memoir of a Dutch Protestant missionary who smuggled Bibles behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. At its core, the bo is all about trusting God. On almost every page there is some example of how God comes through when we place 100%… [Continue Reading]

A day without fear

When Lent rolled around this year, I knew better than to try to attempt too much. Since I was scheduled to give birth to my fourth baby in five years just two weeks into the season, I knew that to plan to give up too much or add too many spiritual practices would be just… [Continue Reading]

Fear is the absence of love

After a year of prayer, I finally found a fantastic spiritual director with whom I really click (just in time for this spiritual dry spell…coincidence?). When we met a couple weeks ago I was telling her about the “dark night of the soul” I was experiencing, and that a theme of this time period has… [Continue Reading]

Anxiety is easier

Last week St. Francis de Sales and some bad programming at Google Maps led me to one of the biggest realizations I’ve had this year: that anxiety = not trusting God. For a long time I knew that stress about certain individual matters was due to a prideful insistence that I had the best plan… [Continue Reading]