Where there’s help

A few months ago I was dropping some of my kids off at our parish’s Mother’s Day Out program, and a woman approached me in the hall. “I need help, ” she said. I wasn’t sure what she meant. “The registration office is down that way, ” I said, pointing to the Mother’s Day Out… [Continue Reading]

Maybe it was the music

One day last year I told an atheist acquaintance that I’d cried at Mass that morning. It was one of those times that I just felt overwhelmed with the presence of God, I explained. I was so perfectly at peace, so surrounded by that I couldn’t help but be moved to tears. “Maybe it… [Continue Reading]

Plan to love

A few months ago I attended a “How to be a More Loving Christian” seminar at our parish. (That’s not exactly what it was called, but that’s the basic gist of it.) It was a meal, followed by a talk, then some discussion. Before I got in to get food from the buffet, I… [Continue Reading]

Feeling taken care of

The other weekend my husband went out of town with the three older kids, and I stayed home with the baby. I decided to take the opportunity to tackle pretty much every household project I hadn’t gotten to in the past four years, and ended up staying up until 3:00 AM on Saturday night. When… [Continue Reading]

Seeking wisdom

When I decided to do a weeklong fast from my computer, it was because I was overwhelmed. I had a lot of discernment to do and needed to clear my head. Now that my oldest child just turned five it’s time to start making big decisions about homeschooling vs. other education options, and I’m also… [Continue Reading]