Undefeatable joy

One of the things I most loed forward to as part of the Christ Renews His Parish retreat the other weekend was simply the opportunity for a leisurely confession. There are always so many people in at our parish’s confessional that the priests have little time for extra spiritual direction. For weeks I’d been… [Continue Reading]

Status in the sight of God

I went to confession tonight; well, I tried, anyway. It was one of those big pre-Easter sessions where there were hundreds of people and about a dozen priests. By the time I got in one of the s there were at least 30 people in front of me, and after waiting a while I decided… [Continue Reading]


As soon as I hit Publish I’m going to head out to confession. In my long road from atheism to Christianity, one of my favorite memories is when I made my first confession, the Wednesday before Easter of last year. When I think back on it I first remember the ethereal chant music that wafted… [Continue Reading]

A first confession, part I

Last night I made my first confession. For those of you who are interested, here was my experience (complete with pictures of our church that I to a few months ago): I tried to go on Tuesday night but by the time I got there they’d closed the since 500 people had already shown… [Continue Reading]