Birth story haikus!

Baby #6,  ready for football season.

I still haven’t found the hundreds of hours I’d need to chronicle the entire saga of the pregnancy, birth, and NICU stay of baby #6, and I have no idea when I will, so that means it’s time to do some birth story haikus! It’s been over two years since the last round, so… [Continue Reading]

Empowered birth

My male readers saw this title and thought, “Oh, no, chick talk!” Sorry, guys. To make it up to you, here’s a link to pictures of the 10 greatest moments in the NFL. Anyway, quite a few friends who are pregnant with their first children have been asking me about childbirth, so I thought I’d… [Continue Reading]

Answering your questions: Part I

Here are the answers to the first few of the questions to this post: Q: “How in the world do you have time to blog with all your kids?” – Kimberly A: This is the #1 most frequent question I get. Heck, sometimes I lo at my archives and ask myself that question. Here’s the… [Continue Reading]

Coming out – Part II

Though the final decision about my faith may not have fully been made in my head (though it’s close), it’s been made in my heart for quite some time now. As I’ve said before, when I try to picture myself going any route other than becoming Catholic I get stuck. I literally can’t imagine it…. [Continue Reading]

Two steps back

First of all, thanks for all the to the last post. And don’t worry about leaving with your opinions about medical issues, picturing me being rushed into the ER on a gurney screaming, “But my blog readers told me to stop taking my medicine!” πŸ™‚ Any decisions I make will be based on… [Continue Reading]

NFP and Coumadin: A dilemma

I have an interesting dilemma on my hands and I want to hear your thoughts… Since I’ve been diagnosed with the crazy clotting gene, that in the unlikeliest of events I inherited from both of my parents, I am going to be treated intensely with blood thinners. I’m currently taking two different kinds. The hematologist… [Continue Reading]

So many blessings

So I went back to the hematologist today for a quick follow-up visit to make sure we’re all on the same page for the birth, confirm that all the blood tests he did were negative for anything weird, check my blood thinner dosage, etc. But things didn’t go according to plan when he said that… [Continue Reading]