Fabulous finds: Rats in a cage edition

Summer is off to a rolicking start here in the Fulwiler household, and by that I mean our TV is about to explode from overuse. Every weekday I announce dramatically that we cannot spend one day sitting around the living room, solemnly promising that there shall be activities, starting tomorrow. Then, the next day,… [Continue Reading]

Fun stuff to read while I get stabbed in the neck

I finally talked to the doctor who’s going to do The Insane-O Vein Procedure. Here’s how that went: Doctor: Tell me a bit about your history with clotting. Me: [I tell him about my genetic clotting disorder (Factor II, homozygous), how it’s exacerbated by pregnancy, how I had a deep vein thrombosis in 2006, how… [Continue Reading]

Fabulous Finds


Today is the best day ever! I finally found some amazing housekeepers (probably because God got tired of my whining), and they have the very unenviable task of coming here today to do a major deep clean. I even got some sage advice from Auntie Leila herself when I asked on about how to… [Continue Reading]

Fabulous Finds

Guess what Joe did this weekend? He to me on a surprise outing to see Christopher Cross perform with the Austin Symphony Orchestra! He let the fact that I’d never said anything about being a Christopher Cross fan deter him not at all, and hoed us up with front-row tickets. I’m so glad he did,… [Continue Reading]

Fabulous finds

A few things I’ve come across in my web voyaging that are too good not to share: – I shall henceforth think of my life as being divided into two epochs: before I discovered the Guy on a Buffalo videos, and after I discovered the Guy on a Buffalo videos. . (Thanks to Simple Felicity… [Continue Reading]