The mental neat freak


FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail A few weeks ago I went to the salon to get my hair cut. One of the little lifehack-y things I do is to think carefully about what luxuries I’d most enjoy, so that when Joe or my parents ask what I want for Christmas or my birthday, I can give them a list… [Continue Reading]

So we went to a brewery and got a one-eyed cat

2013-08-10 19.14.39

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail Two weekends ago we took a tour of the Cedar Creek Brewery¬†when we were visiting relatives in east Texas, and we walked out with a souvenir mug and a one-eyed cat. This is an extremely surprising turn of events for a family that already has too many mugs and said they didn’t want a… [Continue Reading]

Feeling taken care of

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail The other weekend my husband went out of town with the three older kids, and I stayed home with the baby. I decided to take the opportunity to tackle pretty much every household project I hadn’t gotten to in the past four years, and ended up staying up until 3:00 AM on Saturday night…. [Continue Reading]

Undefeatable joy

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail One of the things I most looked forward to as part of the Christ Renews His Parish retreat the other weekend was simply the opportunity for a leisurely confession. There are always so many people in line at our parish’s confessional that the priests have little time for extra spiritual direction. For weeks I’d… [Continue Reading]

The Red Mass

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail As soon as I post this I have to start getting ready to go with my husband to the Red Mass, a Mass held by the bishop for Catholic judges, prosecutors, attorneys, law school professors, students, and government officials. For some reason, this is always one of my favorite nights of the year. Every… [Continue Reading]

The story of a friendship

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail Remember the kids who were ringing my doorbell and running? They kept doing it. I talked to them about it again, as kindly and calmly as possible, and yet they kept at it, usually waking up my children and shattering my free time in the process. I’d been trying not to bring it up… [Continue Reading]

Part II: What happened when I decided to trust God

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail OK, since a couple people asked, I’ll share the rest of the story that I alluded to in my previous post: what happened when I decided to let go of my anxiety and just trust God. (I hope my atheist readers are taking a break from blog reading today. They’ll think I’ve lost my… [Continue Reading]

A first confession, part II

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail Click here for Part I One of the things I never understood about Christianity was the concept of accepting people who embraced the religion late in life. It struck me as unfair and hypocritical that someone could have all the fun they want then decide at the last minute that they’re a Christian. When… [Continue Reading]

A first confession, part I

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail Last night I made my first confession. For those of you who are interested, here was my experience (complete with pictures of our church that I took a few months ago): I tried to go on Tuesday night but by the time I got there they’d closed the line since 500 people had already… [Continue Reading]

Thoughts on becoming Catholic

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail So, as I mentioned in my last post, going to see Joel Osteen and experiencing his Evangelical-style church service live had a big impact on me. First, it was just inspiring to see so many positive, happy people so excited about Christianity. It was so touching to look around and feel like I was… [Continue Reading]