5 big ideas that changed my life

Combat peer orientation by raising shut-ins!

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail Every now and then I like to take a step back and examine my worldview. I ask: What core beliefs define my outlook? What are the characteristics of the lens through which I see the world? I was pondering the subject while putting away laundry yesterday, and I came up with a list of key… [Continue Reading]

The least of these


FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail As many of you probably already know, the Dobrovits family lost their special little boy named Henry last week. The story of his short two years on earth, and of how he ended up in their family, is an amazing one that needs to be shared. I had the honor of meeting Henry’s mother,… [Continue Reading]

“Joy is not a flag Jesus plants in us; it is a fruit he grows in us”

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail I received a copy of a new book while I was at the monastery this week. I planned to read it when I got home, but as soon as I glanced at the first page, I knew I’d been given something special. I ended up spending hours poring over its pages, soaking up its… [Continue Reading]

Museum life

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail Back in July of 2006 I wrote a post marveling at a family friend who always managed to be cheerful and loving, even though she worked five times as hard as I did and had significant problems in her life. I didn’t have a take in the post; I just relayed the story, and promised… [Continue Reading]

What a spiritual director and an MBA taught me about being overwhelmed


FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail I have a personality type that leads me to feel overwhelmed a lot. I’m ambitious but lazy; I have a latent perfectionist streak that comes out at unexpected times; I’m an Olympian procrastinator; and I’m so non-confrontational that I often find myself saying “Yes, I’d love to help with that” when what I should… [Continue Reading]

Life doesn’t have to be easy to be joyful


FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail Remember my little mention last week that a film crew is coming to capture my every move this Wednesday? My remorse has only grown deeper, my despair more multi-layered, my impending sense of doom more distinct (I now hear the Jaws theme every time I look at that day on the calendar). As of… [Continue Reading]

My life changing diapers


FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail Now that I’m visibly pregnant, I get asked more and more often for a detailed plan of how many more children I’ll have and when I’ll be “done.” Much of the time, “Congratulations” is swiftly followed by one of the following questions: “So, is this the last one?” “How many more are you going… [Continue Reading]

The secret to a life of YES


FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail A while back I posted a link to this fantastic post by Carrien, in which she suggests that the secret to an extraordinary life is simply saying YES. The whole thing is well worth reading, but here’s an excerpt: That got me thinking about other people I admire. I found the same theme. They… [Continue Reading]

My answer to “Do you want more children?”


FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail When people see me out and about with my four young children, one of the most common questions I get is, “Do you want more?” (Or, more accurately, “DO YOU WANT MORE?!?!?!?!“) I’m never sure what to say. “Yes” doesn’t sound quite right. Our fourth baby in four-and-a-half years is only eighteen months old,… [Continue Reading]

The story of a beautiful Mass

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail After all the austerity of Lent, I was really looking forward to experiencing the beauty of the Easter Mass this morning. I couldn’t wait to behold the visual feast of our breathtaking sanctuary filled with freshly cut white flowers, rich white and gold fabrics, and other decorations that symbolize a season of life and… [Continue Reading]