The Facebook-free life

Lately I’ve had a flood of es from friends and acquaintances who are thinking of getting off of , and want to hear my perspective as someone who has never had an account. Joe and I set up a page for Conversion Diary through his account for the convenience of readers who prefer to follow… [Continue Reading]

A day in the life of a Scorpionator

Some people have asked if there was any one last straw that led to my sudden internet fast a couple of weeks ago. Others have asked for details about the nature of my hysterical tweets from the afternoon of Friday, October 2nd. In this post I shall address both inquiries. The afternoon of Friday the… [Continue Reading]

A week without noise

I’m doing something crazy this week: I’m shutting down my computer. For a whole week. No e, no blog reading, no blogging, no web surfing, no . No Word, Quicken or Photoshop. I’ll live a computer-free life for seven days. For some people that wouldn’t be that big of a deal; for me it’ll be… [Continue Reading]

Mommyblogging and the water well

As I mentioned back in February, closing for Lent gave me a lot of insight into the role that the internet plays in my life. I didn’t want to get into too many details in that post since I knew it would lend itself to discussion, so here is the promised Part II. Back… [Continue Reading]