Recommended reading for Lent

Ash Wednesday is just around the corner (March 9), so I wanted to share my suggestions for great Lenten reads, and get your suggestions as well. Also, based on some es I’ve been getting with questions about Lent, I wanted to say: If you’re considering observing Lent but aren’t familiar with it, I strongly encourage… [Continue Reading]

Breathing with the Body of Christ

As I mentioned the other day, until recently I didn’t understand what Advent was all about. Actually, I didn’t completely understand what Lent, Easter or Christmas were all about either. The significance of the different seasons of the liturgical year was one of the last things that I researched in my long road from atheism… [Continue Reading]

What child is this?

Every time I hear the song What Child is This?, I feel haunted. It started back in 2005, when I was still researching Christianity and not sure that I believed its claims. I’d be driving around, yapping into my cell phone, glaring at people who drove too slowly as I rushed to buy presents I… [Continue Reading]

And to dust you shall return

We had a great time on Fat Tuesday. To do some feasting before the start of our first Lent as Catholics, my husband and I went to the the Darwins‘ house. When I first arrived I felt the wind pick up and loed to see some threatening clouds on the horizon, so I hurried to… [Continue Reading]

Celebrating Advent

As I mentioned, at the beginning of this month I found myself scrambling to celebrate Advent…which was especially challenging since I had no idea what Advent was (luckily my kind readers helped me out). I had to turn the page over on my already huge to-do list to now add “Get Advent wreath!”, then after… [Continue Reading]

Scrambling to celebrate Advent

As I walked into our beautiful church yesterday, I heard glorious music waft through the building, noticed a ly purple candle burning near the altar, and saw our priest in a rich purple robe. And in a moment of saint-like spiritual maturity, I thought: “OH CRAP, IT’S ADVENT!” In typical fashion, I really wanted to… [Continue Reading]