The secret of a domestic monastery


FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail The kids running around Mt. Angel Abbey For years I’ve been fascinated with the idea of creating a “domestic monastery.” To me, that concept evoked a home that’s orderly and prayerful, a haven where you could go to retreat from the stress of the world. Something deep within me yearned for this kind of… [Continue Reading]

The most powerful woman in the world

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail This is my new friend, Sister Joeine Darrington, whom I met during the couple of days we stayed with the Benedictine Sisters: She came over and sat with us during our meals with the sisters, and it was so much fun to chat with her. She’s 96 years old and has been a Benedictine… [Continue Reading]

6 things I learned from living on a monastery prayer schedule

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail One of the old church bells at Mt. Angel Abbey One of the most transforming aspects of this trip to Mt. Angel Abbey has been living according to the monks’ schedule of prayer. They pray the Liturgy of the Hours and have Mass every day, so every few hours the grand church bells start… [Continue Reading]

Received as Christ: Photos from a Benedictine monastery

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail I knew a little bit about the Order of St. Benedict before my husband and I arrived in Mt. Angel for our vacation this weekend. (If you’re not familiar with them, I highly recommend this brief explanation of the Order at Vivificat; I think it’s the most clear, concise summary of the Benedictines I’ve… [Continue Reading]