The least of these


As many of you probably already know, the Dobrovits family lost their special little boy named Henry last week. The story of his short two years on earth, and of how he ended up in their family, is an amazing one that needs to be shared. I had the honor of meeting Henry’s mother, Carla,… [Continue Reading]

Tell me about your plans for Lent!


What are your plans for Lent? (If you’re not familiar with this season, which starts Wednesday, Marcel Lejeune has the answers to all your questions here.) I know that some people don’t like discussing this publicly, since it can sometimes degenerate into a one-upsmanship contest in which the final commenter triumphs with her announcement that… [Continue Reading]

An idea for Sunday

A while back I read a thought-proving post by Ouiz (one of my MegaMom interviewees) in which she mentioned an interesting idea she got from the How-To Bo of the Mass: before Mass, she prays to ask God to help her hear a single word or phrase that she’s supposed to take with her and… [Continue Reading]