Five bags for Alicia

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail Last Monday I did a major closet cleanout. It came about in the way all of my big household projects come about: I noticed that there was a problem, muttered something along the lines of I should do something about this at some point, promptly forgot about it, and ignored the situation until it… [Continue Reading]

OUR (The Our Father, Word by Word)


FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail This, to me, is one of the most startling words of the Lord’s prayer. Maybe the most startling. I have a feeling that it wouldn’t be as remarkable to someone who came from a different cultural background, but I am an American and a Texan. I come from one of the most individualistic states… [Continue Reading]

“He is not a means, and our joy is not the end”

6th-Century image of Christ from Saint Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail A longtime topic of interest for me has been the concept of “spiritual dry spells,” when you can’t seem to feel God’s presence. I haven’t had a whole lot of emotional religious experiences, and when I was first in the conversion process, I had none. I felt like I was doing something wrong since… [Continue Reading]

Fancy meeting you here!

Two People On Sand

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail A priest friend of a friend once commented, “I could be a saint if it weren’t for the people!” I feel that way all the time. I’m so easily annoyed; it’s probably my worst personality defect. I’m like a grouchy old lady waiting to happen: just give me a cane and a rocker, and… [Continue Reading]

Where there’s help

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail A few months ago I was dropping some of my kids off at our parish’s Mother’s Day Out program, and a woman approached me in the hall. “I need help,” she said. I wasn’t sure what she meant. “The registration office is down that way,” I said, pointing to the Mother’s Day Out coordinator’s… [Continue Reading]

Plan to love

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail A few months ago I attended a “How to be a More Loving Christian” seminar at our parish. (That’s not exactly what it was called, but that’s the basic gist of it.) It was a meal, followed by a talk, then some discussion. Before I got in line to get food from the buffet,… [Continue Reading]

Of cat ownership and “little” sins

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail My post from Monday reminded me of a story that’s been in my “to write about” stack for more than a year, yet another lesson along the lines of “be very careful about not being loving at all times…” Longtime readers may remember that a couple years ago I had some serious angst about… [Continue Reading]

Why my life is better since becoming open to life

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail “You guys aren’t really going to have any more after this one, right?” a few people have asked me privately. “We thought about having another, but the sleepless nights, the diapers, the pregnancy and birth — ugh! Aren’t you just so ready to be done with all that?” a neighbor asked at the playground… [Continue Reading]

The story of a friendship

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail Remember the kids who were ringing my doorbell and running? They kept doing it. I talked to them about it again, as kindly and calmly as possible, and yet they kept at it, usually waking up my children and shattering my free time in the process. I’d been trying not to bring it up… [Continue Reading]

Looking for the tow truck driver

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail Coming from atheism, the whole concept of there being a personal God who is somehow involved in all that we do was amazing…and intimidating…and confusing. As anyone who has read my 2007 archives knows, for many months I was fascinated with the concept of knowing exactly what God’s plans were for all the little… [Continue Reading]