Why did Jesus have to die for our sins?

Speaking of Steve G., I am ighted to share this guest post that he wrote. Click here to see all of his posts. Early in my Christian journey, I often struggled with understanding why Christ had to die for our sins. This was something that believers would say to me that I had a very… [Continue Reading]

Guest post: A family liturgy

by Steve G. [Regular commentor Steve G. had some great thoughts to add to my post about bringing peace to my household, so I suggested that he do a guest post. You can see Steve’s other guest posts here — scroll down to see the full list.] I can’t help but continue to see all… [Continue Reading]

Guest post: Three things my parents did right

By Steve G. (regular commentor and occasional guest — some examples of his writing here and here) Since Steve doesn’t have his own blog, here is his contribution to the Group Writing Project: Initially I felt left out on this post. I come from a bren home where my most vivid memory from childhood… [Continue Reading]

Did people create Christianity?

In the previous post, a reader asked: I am a Catholic homeschooling mom who has been reading your blog for a while. One thing I have been wondering is this: how did you come to terms with the argument that Christianity is merely an anthropological construct? So many of the Old Testament stories seem to… [Continue Reading]

When your spouse is an atheist / agnostic

A reader eed me the other day to ask if I had any thoughts on how to discuss faith with an agnostic spouse. I don’t want to divulge any identifying details, but a rough summary of his question is this: I am a recent convert to Catholicism and my wife is agnostic. She is content… [Continue Reading]