An unexpected lesson when I went out for a jog


FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail Well, this summer is off to a crazy start. I spent four days in the Carolinas for an Edel Gathering site visit. Then, the very next week, I went to Phoenix for four days to give two talks and record videos at the Lifeteen training conference. Bottom photo by @SrMariaKim In case you missed that,… [Continue Reading]

When God gave my daughter a cathedral full of light


FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail My mom and I took my daughters to San Antonio this past weekend. My recent New York trip happened to fall during one of my daughters’ birthdays, so to make it up to her I arranged for a special out-of-town trip to the San Antonio zoo with her three sisters. Since we hadn’t been able… [Continue Reading]

Are we all delusional? (and other questions about having a relationship with God)

Explore God

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail On Monday I met up with pastors John Burke and Eric Bryant of Gateway Church here in Austin to film a Q&A session for the Explore God campaign. Burke, Bryant, and the moderator Bridget Henderson have done an amazing job with this series, so it was an honor to be a part of it. The… [Continue Reading]

Shadow beliefs and giant centipedes


FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail One of the neighbor girls was here the other day. As soon as she walked in the door, I could tell that something was wrong. She sat anxiously on the edge of the couch for a while, half-heartedly playing with the kids, her mind elsewhere. Finally, she said what she had obviously been waiting… [Continue Reading]

How to think about the afterlife (hint: you can’t, because you live in Flatland)


FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail I don’t spend much time trying to imagine heaven. To be honest, it always stresses me out. Every time I get a mental image that I like, I realize that something about it would get old if I had to deal with it for, you know, eternity. The other day, Joe brought home some… [Continue Reading]

Never say never, and other thoughts on having more kids


FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail Some folks have asked if my doctors are putting pressure on me not to have more children. I usually respond with a sound like hoooooo-ho-ho-hooooo (which is not supposed to be a sound like what Santa says, but rather a hearty laugh to indicate, YOU HAVE NO IDEA). The doctors have said this before,… [Continue Reading]

Behind the scenes of a mid-life crisis

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail I think I had a mid-life crisis a few months ago. It was a weird experience, because I didn’t see it coming. Ever since my conversion I’ve had this unshakable sense of peace at the foundation of my life, a sort of root-level happiness that I never knew was possible. Yeah, things are hard,… [Continue Reading]

The least of these


FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail As many of you probably already know, the Dobrovits family lost their special little boy named Henry last week. The story of his short two years on earth, and of how he ended up in their family, is an amazing one that needs to be shared. I had the honor of meeting Henry’s mother,… [Continue Reading]

Rock the present moment

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail One of the topics I’ve struggled with since the beginning of my conversion is the role of ambition in the Christian life. I have an odd personality type that could be described as “mostly extremely lazy, with occasional flashes of Type A behavior.” In other words, by default I sit on the couch and… [Continue Reading]

Living an awesome story


FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestPrintE-mail A good nickname for me would be “Inertia,” because, like the dictionary definition of the word, I tend to “exist in a state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.” If my choice is accepting an invitation to go to an interesting social… [Continue Reading]