Thriving When Life Is Crazy: 10-Day In-Home Mini Retreat

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Below is the 10-day mini retreat program I recommend for discovering how you can regain a sense of focus and discover how God wants you to be thriving right now.


Choose a 10-day period when your life isn’t too crazy busy, and plan to set aside a few moments at the beginning and end of each day to pray and reflect on each topic.

Also, I recommend that you include some sort of fasting during the process. I recently did a green smoothie fast that really helped me get things back on track in my life. Even if you don’t want to undertake a fast that’s that extreme, letting go of some food or drink that has become entrenched in your daily habits will help you take a fresh look at how you approach each day.

Let’s get started!


ASK: What is my charism? How is God calling me to use that gift in my life right now?

  • What are gifts and talents that give you energy when you use them?
  • Consider looking into the Called and Gifted course if you’d like to take this exploration further.


ASK: What is my root sin?

  • Read up on the concept of root sins here.
  • Reflect on whether yours is PRIDE, VANITY, or SENSUALITY.
  • Ask God to reveal what temptations you need to watch out for as you set new goals and seek to thrive in your life.


ASK: What are my true priorities? Do my choices reflect my priorities?

  • Draw the pyramid.
  • Am I putting my TIME where my priorities are? If someone looked at my daily schedule, would she know what I truly value?
  • Am I putting my MONEY where my priorities are? If someone looked at my monthly spending, would she see what I truly value?


ASK: What false limits am I living under?

  • Do I let the voice of people who don’t know me well influence my behavior (e.g. listening to feedback on Facebook or other social media)?
  • Do I make choices based on what God is calling me to do, or based on what I feel like I should do to be Catholic the “right” way?


ASK: What is our family culture? How can we embrace it?

  • How is my family different from other families? If a TV writer were to create a show based on my family, what would the show description say?
  • What are things that our family is good at? What are thing we are not good at?
  • What weaknesses is God calling us to embrace as part of our family culture, and in what areas is he asking us to try harder?


ASK: How can I build my village?


ASK: What do I need to thrive?

  • Give yourself permission to ask these questions without worrying about being self-indulgent:
  • What changes would I need to see in order to truly thrive? More time alone? More time with friends? More travel? (Give yourself permission to be completely honest.)
  • What needs is God leading me to ask him to meet right now? What does God want me to pray for in this department?


ASK: Is there help I’m not accepting?


ASK: Where do I need to add hard stops to my life?

DAY 10

ACT: Look in the mirror, see Mary

  • Do I know that a loving, holy woman can look just like me, with all my unique quirks and attributes?