February 20, 2006 | 2 comments

If you want to know what it’s like to be a true atheist, read the post about Static on the blog Cancer, Baby. It’s more eloquent than I could be if I spent a month working on a post about the same subject matter.

It made me so crushingly sad for her, that that’s her worldview, and for me. For all the years of my life that were utterly consumed by trying to drown out the static. I think that there’s a place in everyone’s heart for God and spiritual beliefs, and when you intentionally leave it empty it becomes a sort of sinking black hole of static that threatens to consume all that you are.

I recently mentioned to KathyJo in an email that I really held back in this post when it came to my opinion about atheists who talk about their beliefs. As a person who’s been there, who knows exactly what it feels like to be certain that there is no God, I disdain people who want to spread that feeling to others.

At least when religious people try to convince others of their views they’re offering them something positive (as in real, non-negative) to believe in. But when atheists get evangelical they just want to show believers how wrong they are. They want to take away that which gives meaning and purpose to believers’ lives and replace it with static. It’s inexcusable.


  1. Hannah

    I was never an atheist but that sounds like a good description of what it must be like. Or how I’d feel if I were an atheist.

    Maybe atheists are stronger and braver than I, I’m sure they are, as for me I rejoice in my weakness because it brought me closer to God.

  2. Rob Tyler

    I’m actually shocked by the matter-of-fact casual hatred in that post. Four and half years on, do you still feel that way? Was that just the zeal of the recent convert talking?

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