When can I move in?

February 27, 2006 | 1 comment

Domino’s Pizza founder Tom Monaghan is trying to build an all-Catholic town in Florida.

This guy is amazing. Check out his bio.

More updates soon.

1 Comment

  1. SteveG

    And of course, who else is protesting it but……..the ACLU (of Florida).

    I think it’s a great desire, but I have my doubts about making something like this work.

    That little thing known as sin aflicts Catholics and non-Catholics alike, and building a town like this won’t chnage that.

    It WILL keep a lot of the temptations away, but the flip side is that it *could* lead to a real feeling of superiority among the inhabitants.

    It’ll be really interesting to see how it plays out.

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