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March 23, 2006 | 3 comments

I’m still so deeply engrossed in my reading and thinking about the question of suffering (mainly reading the text of the fantastic link that Jeff provided) that I can’t spare the brain power to post anything lofty or interesting right now. But I am going through email and came across a few amusing things I thought I’d share.


I love this quote from a friend who is the mother of a five-month-old who has sleep habits just like my son’s.

Sorry I haven’t been in touch, things have been insane – which is the norm. Which doesn’t mean they are insane, just that I do not have a handle on everyday life.


My husband was Googling around and came across the website for The Monastery of Christ in the Desert in the mountains of New Mexico. He was so excited to discover that they have a guesthouse where anyone can come stay. There’s no fixed fee for staying there, just a suggested donation (which is extremely cheap). We’re really enchanted with the idea of going there sometime.


My husband found this great quote from Justice Scalia about judges injecting their political opinions into the Constitution.

“What is a moderate interpretation [of the Constitution]? Halfway between what it says and halfway between what you want it to say?”

——————— – interesting concept for a site. Social networking based on goals.


This isn’t from email, but it’s so cute I had to share. We’ve been teaching my 18-month-old son that the answer to the question “Who lives at church?” is “Jesus.” Normally he picks up on those things very quickly, but for some reason he just can’t get this one right. Whenever we ask him “Who lives at church?” he thinks for a moment, then responds with delight, “Chuck E. Cheese!”


  1. Colleen

    Chuck E. Cheese? Still, it is certainly a good thing, if he has a positive image of the Church at his tender age! Kids say the darndest things.

  2. Jennifer

    Have you ever seen Pinnochio and Pleasure Island?

    I take my nieces and nephews to Chuck E. Cheese but I’m always careful to check them for donkey ears and tails before we get back in the car.

  3. Barb, sfo

    Too cute! He’ll get it….my little guy thinks Father lives at church. He might also tell you that Mary does, since we have several statues that he enjoys visiting.

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