Finally, an alternative to A Baby Story

March 13, 2006

Discovery Health has a show about midwives that’s supposed to be great called House of Babies. I can’t find a good summary of it but here’s the schedule.

I don’t know why anyone even watches A Baby Story. It’s the same thing every time: the woman wants to have a natural labor; she ends up getting induced for a really vague reason; she gets an epidural; about four medical personnel suited up in masks, plastic eye shields and rubber gloves hand her her baby over the divider tarp; they promptly take the baby away from her and sit it in a little tray, uncovered, while it cries (I have never understood why this is necessary). After staying in the hospital for a while she’s wheeled out in a wheelchair like she’s an invalid. Yawn.

Although it’s a good thing that the House of Babies camera crew wasn’t following me around when I had my son at our birthing center and he was compound presentation. Nobody would ever have natural childbirth again after watching my less-than-graceful handling of the situation. And it would probably get an X rating for language. I didn’t even know I knew some of the words I was shouting.


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