Sleep training: Day 9

March 13, 2006 | 3 comments

Tonight I sat down with my son in the chair in his room for night-night cuddles and songs. A few bars into the first song he interruped me and pointed to his crib and said, “Crib! In!” and put himself to sleep after only 15 minutes of playing/light fussing.

We still have some big hurdles to get over, but I can’t deny that this is major progress. There might be hope for us after all.


  1. SteveG

    AWESOME! AwesomeAwesomeAwesome!

    It’s so great to hear that you are finally seeing some real progresss!

    And imagine, my middle guy is progressing well also and I am finally getting some sleep too!

    Will wonders never cease?

    Now, for the reminder of something you likely already know all to well…..

    When it comes to all this parenting stuff, it’s more often than not the case that it’s a two steps forward, one step back proposition. Don’t get too discouraged when/if that happens (maybe not!).

    Again, I know you probably know that, but I think it’s good that we remind each other of these things lest we get too easily discouraged.

  2. Christine

    I’m so glad for you. (Both of you!) I’ll keep on praying you have success. Like steveg said, sometimes you take a step back. It’s frustrating if and when it happens, but this, too, shall pass. (Remember that the Bible never says, “It came to stay.” It says, “It came to pass.”) 😉

  3. SteveG

    How’s it going? The sleep training?

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