"Vacation" time

April 25, 2006 | 2 comments

Everyone is telling me to think positive about traveling to North Carolina for our weeklong vacation tomorrow. We’re getting up at 3:45am to make our early morning flight and then, after three hours of flying, we have a three hour drive out to my uncle’s beach house. Yes, I suppose there’s a chance that my super active, hyper-alert 19-month-old toddler will doze off or merrily flip through Elmo books for three hours on the plane. And I suppose that his recent enchantment with screaming the word “NO!” to everything we say and throwing himself on the floor and kicking when he doesn’t get his way will subside for our travel day tomorrow. So I’m trying to take everyone’s advice and think positive. But, in the back of my mind, I am getting ready for the possibility, probably somewhere around 99%, that tomorrow is going to be utterly miserable. On the bright side, it’ll be a great opportunity for God to teach everyone on the plane a lesson about being patient and forgiving!

Anyway, wish us luck. I’m taking my laptop and would like to put up a couple of posts I’ve been working on, but if all I can manage is something like “Me think about God, me confused, ” you’ll know why.


  1. Jennifer

    Have fun–we are going to NC mid-May.

    Let us know how travelling goes with the wee one–

  2. KathyJo

    Well, I hope the trip wasn’t quite as bad as you expected. :} Hope you have a lovely time.

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