Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) on modern parenting

June 5, 2006 | 2 comments

Glenn Reynolds makes some great points about modern parenting in this WSJ op ed. His ideas fit in well with our discussion about modern parenting that we had a couple weeks ago.

Really interesting read.


  1. Anonymous

    Great article, nicely complements your post. I’d just like to add the following regarding the decline in benefits of having children:

    We’re also not allowed to expect our children to care for us in our old age in any way shape or form. (I do, but know better than to mention it to anyone.) We may not expect to have any influence on our children’s lives or any involvement beyond what is convenient for them and strictly on their terms. We’re supposed to provide for our own retirement costs and then have the decency to off ourselves after we’ve been sick for too long lest we selfishly spend their inheritance money. Oh and don’t forget to purchase burial insurance because funerals are expensive and let’s not inflict that cost on our poor dears.


  2. Barb, sfo

    That was an interesting read–and I read the book he mentioned (“To Hell With All That.”) Lots of food for thought in there. But it does affirm that for my family, the path we have chosen is the right one.

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