What should I bring to the hospital?

June 30, 2006 | 5 comments

Just got back from the OB. Labor will be induced on July 10.

So anybody have any tips of what I need to pack to go to the hospital? I’ll probably be there for two days. At the birthing center we went home a few hours after DB was born, so the bag I brought just had his going home outfit and some good Champagne.

Specifically, do I need to bring multiple outfit changes for the baby? Should I bring receiving blankets or do they already have them there? Diapers? Multiple outfits for me or just something to wear home?

I’ll ask the OB’s office for a list when I go there next but just wanted to see if anyone else has tips/suggestions.


  1. Barb, sfo

    The baby will be wrapped & diapered at the hospital. You will need something to bring baby home in (bring a complete spare outfit for baby, you know how they can be! LOL!) and just a couple of diapers.
    For YOU, comfy pajamas/loose & comfy clothing for 2 days. LOTS of underwear and socks. Toiletries, of course. (And if you don’t like “hospital pads” bring your own sanitary supplies of the super variety.)
    One thing I’d definitely recommend is some of those “disposable facial” cloths they sell (Olay makes them & some others do too). Put a few in a zipper bag. They make you feel soooooo refreshed.
    And a little bit of your favorite healthy snacks for after baby is born.

  2. majellamom

    Well, Barb pretty much covered it, I think…

    Bring your own toiletries…maybe pick up a travel pack of shampoo and conditioner…hospital toiletries suck!

    I’d suggest a robe to wear around (of course, I had a c-section w/dd, so I was in a hospital gown for quite a while due to IVs, etc.) And I’d suggest slipper socks (with the treads on the bottom) Don’t forget your toothbrush…

    Actually, I have to think about this, too, as I never actually packed a hospital bag with my dd…I had to have my MIL stick a laundry basket full of clean clothes in her car when she came down to visit, because I was convinced that the doctor was going to send me home (she came 3 days before my scheduled c-section date…)

    And of course, the infant carseat to bring baby home in!!!

  3. SteveG

    If you are particular about your pillow, take your own. It can be the difference between a terrible and decent sleep at the hospital as the beds are not usually comfortable.

    I’ll pull out our midwife hospital birth handbook and look at their suggested list to see if anything else jumps out at me.

  4. Elena

    I think everything these folks have said is good. I would re-emphasize what Barb said about the pads. The pads the hospital supplies, in my experience, are just not good enough for a post-partum mom. Go get the supers at your favorite store and bring them and your own underwear that fit!

    I would also recommend, since you are being induced and don’t really know how long this will take, bring plenty of snacks for your hubby. I also suggest sneaking in a sports drink for yourself. Yea, yea, they tell you not to eat and just drink water, but that’s because they anticipate a C-section. Labor is Just as physical as running a marathon – and they let those guys drink!

    I think a rosary just to hold in your hand is comforting too.

    Bring some good reading material. The hospital never seems to have enough of that.

    You’re at the top of my prayer list Jen!

  5. Sharon

    Just wanted to wish you good luck and send prayers your way! 🙂

    Also, it’s not something you bring, but remember that the hospital should have a chapel, and you can request ahead of time to have a preist visit you. You may not be Catholic yet, but that doesn’t mean the priest won’t come to pray over you or bless you! 🙂 I was so happy when I was able to receive Communion in the hospital just after delivering our baby. Embracing God, and our new son at the same time….it’s all so worth it.

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