You’re so vein

June 22, 2006 | 9 comments

[I cannot believe I’m actually posting this with that title. It’s a testament to the fact that I am currently exhausted to the point of feeling punchy.]

Thanks for all the thoughts in my second to last post on birth. Interestingly, it all might turn out to be a moot point, because I’ve had something come up that’s pretty serious.

My ability to walk has been declining over the past few days as the pain in my right calf increased horribly. (On the bright side, I got plenty of opportunity to practice pain management techniques!) The pain was excruciating yesterday this morning so I called up a cardiovascular specialist and asked to be seen. A few hours and another ultrasound later they discovered a clot in one of the big veins in my leg, something called a deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

I’m not sure what the next steps are, I have an emergency appointment with a hematologist tomorrow morning, but I do know that I’m going to give myself injections of some blood thinner every day for the next month or so. Have I ever mentioned my horrible phobia of needles? Well, I’ve been presented with a wonderful opportunity to deal with this little fear paralyzing terror. Every day. For at least a month.

On an amusing note, these poor specialists just don’t know what to do with me. I’m pregnant (which rules out a lot of treatments), I don’t have a primary care physician, nobody referred me, I’m not employed but my insurance is in my name, and I’m going to a birthing center. I had this conversation more than once today:

DOCTOR: We need to talk to your OB.
ME: I go to the birthing center.
DOCTOR: Who’s the OB there?
ME: There isn’t one, just midwives.
DOCTOR: [Disappointed look] Who’s your midwife?
ME: Well, there are four of them…
DOCTOR: [Gives me perplexed look like I’ve told him I’m having a Spirit Healer from the Far Hills deliver my baby.]

I have more to say about all this but am too tired to think anymore tonight. Prayers appreciated.


  1. Colleen

    You have them! Get some rest and stay cheerful.

  2. SteveG


  3. SmartBlkWoman

    I’m sending plenty of good wishes your way. Just think, pretty soon you’ll have a beautiful baby and all of this will have been worth it! 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Prayers being sent your way!

    Pregnancy complications are no fun, but the end product will be so worth it.

    Try to focus on how wonderful it is that this DVT was diagnosed before it became a moving embolism. Sometimes just thinking positive can do wonders for the state of mind!

  5. Barb, sfo

    Prayers to the Blessed Mother and to St. Gerard for their intercession in making sure you have a healthy pregnancy & birth.

  6. Elena

    Prayers for healing coming from here to Jen. DVT is serious business!

  7. knit_tgz

    I’ll be praying for you too.

  8. GLouise

    I will praying that this DVT disappears…

    Dear Lord Jesus,

    Please have mercy on Jennifer. We ask for healing for her body as it prepares to deliver her precious little girl. We thank you for her new faith. Please bless her doctor and give the medical team wisdom and discernment.

    Please bless her, her husband and son, and the little girl we will meet soon. Amen.

  9. Melora

    So sorry about these troubles! I had a DVT many years ago (but I wasn’t pregnant at the time). It took them a couple tests to figure out why I was in so much pain I could hardly walk, but then they put me right in the hospital on blood thinners. DVT is something to take seriously. Several posts back, I commented on having to be on blood thinners during my second pregnancy (once they figured out that I was at high risk for another DVT). I’m also pretty needle-phobic, but the daily injections were not That bad, once I got used to them. Actually, I had a terrible time giving them to myself, but when my husband did them, it was okay. Not wanting to be a “gloomy gus” here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if your doctors strongly suggested blood thinners in future pregnancies as well. I tried to remember to be thankful that this medical technology was available for me, to protect my life and that of my baby! I’m praying for you.


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