Some updates

August 20, 2006 | 2 comments

– I am staying up writing all this as both the baby and my son are sound asleep. I’m insane.

– I met with our wonderful new adult education director on Friday. He’s a great guy. We chatted about our situation, and he explained that we will be received into the Church at Easter. However, before we receive the Eucharist we’ll need to have our marriage validated, so we’ll probably do that a week before Easter. I’m particularly excited about that. The Church has completely changed the way I see my marriage, so I am thrilled to have the opportunity to have our union blessed by a priest. RCIA starts Monday the 28th.

– Still no decisions/news on the medical front. I have a hemo appointment at the end of the month that should clear some things up (assuming I grow a backbone beforehand and he will sit still long enough to talk to me). One theme of the (wonderful, appreciated) advice that I’ve gotten is that NFP is very effective. I want to clarify that I agree with that. The issue is that I don’t trust any one method alone since nothing is 100%. Considering the high likelihood of severe birth defects if a child is conceived while on Coumadin I’m not even willing to take a .5% risk.

– As I’ve probably mentioned before, my dad is living in Abu Dhabi. I find it to be an amusing irony that his apartment has a “call to prayer” speaker right outside his window that blasts out the five-times-daily call to worship. It’s so loud that we can’t have phone calls while it’s going on because I can’t hear him over it, and the first one occurs before sunrise. Maybe the apartment manager installed it because he heard my dad was an atheist. 🙂

– I just checked in on Jennifer‘s site and feel exhausted from just reading about what she’s been going through on the adoption front. I cannot imagine having to live through it. Please pray for her and her husband, whose faith is once again an inspiration as they go through an incredibly difficult time.


  1. RobK

    The speaker right outside the window. Hmm, can’t ask for a bigger call. 🙂 Makes a great story!

    I am glad to hear that you got the mariage thing straightened out. Face to face is the right way to deal with that kind of issue. I wanted to say that you should just talk to your priest, but figured you’d do that anyways. Hope all continues to go well.

  2. Tracy

    late to the party, but we had our marriage convalidated. It was a wonderful opportunity not only to have a priest bless our marriage, but we got to renew our vows. The kids were there and one good friend and that’s it. It was small, simple and so special.

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