An atheist moves to a Muslim country. Hilarity ensues.

October 17, 2006

As much as I miss my dad, I have to say it’s hilarious to hear of his exploits from living in the United Arab Emirates. There’s a loudspeaker for the calls to prayer outside his window, and it’s LOUD. The first prayer every day is an hour and a half before sunrise (amazingly, he says most people do observe this). He says he wants to start a movement to get Islam back to its roots when people just shouted the prayers from the mosque. Anyhoo…

I had to snicker at his latest email about suffering through Ramadan when he can’t eat or drink in public all day. He says that when he comes home for the holidays he’s going to live on wine and ham sandwiches with a side of bacon.

——–Original Message——–
From: Dad
Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2006 5:04 AM
To: Jennifer
Subject: Ramadan

OK, Ramadan was interesting, it was quaint cultural experience, but I’m over it. Stores and restaurants are closed at the time I want them open. The malls stay open until 2:00 AM and some restaurants until 4:00 AM. So what.

We get two days off to celebrate Eid, or the end of Ramadan, but the Imams won’t announce when it is until they see the crescent moon the day before. I may call the main mosque and ask how can I make a tee time for golf if I don’t know when we have off. I’ll give them the web site for the US Naval Observatory and they can find out TODAY when the crescent moon will be seen. If they can be modern and chant the daily prayers by loudspeaker right outside my bedroom window, they can go online and figure out the new moon!

I bet Christianity is starting to look a lot more appealing to him now. 🙂


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