Answered prayers?

October 23, 2006 | 8 comments

As I may have mentioned, my mother was raised Catholic but has since fallen away from the faith. She still has a vague affection for the Church but is not religious at all. She never goes to Mass or prays. I doubt she even believes in God. I have been trying to re-ignite her interest in the Church and to get her to see the beauty and power of this religion that she has forgotten, and have been praying that God leads her home.

She just told me that through an odd set of circumstances she has received a completely free, all-expense-paid trip to Rome that includes a private tour of the Vatican.



UPDATE: Tonight I suggested that perhaps my mom should consider going to confession so that she could attend Mass and take communion in the Vatican. She thought about it and said, “Wow, that’d be really neat. I just might do that.” It would be the first time she’s received the Eucharist in more than 30 years.


  1. Tim

    Wow. How delightful!

  2. Julie D.

    I know about those “odd circumstances.” That’s what got us our new house … she’s a goner … 😀

  3. melanie b

    I’ll add her to my list of prayer intentions.

  4. SteveG

    Wow! That is just amazing, especially the update.

    Will she get to meet the Holy Father as well? That would be excellent.

    I’ll be adding her to my prayer list as well.

  5. Martin

    Wow! How jealous of your mom am I!

    I took our family on a vacation to Rome a year and a half ago and I would have loved a private tour of the Vatican. We just had to settle for the audio headsets in St Peters! I’d love to go back again.

  6. Laura H.

    Julie D made me laugh and I agree.. she’s a goner. Chills!

  7. Theocoid

    Deo Gratia!

  8. Tim

    I just read the update- what a stroke of genius, Jen!

    Good show.

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